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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by toycommandos, May 29, 2008.

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  1. How do I connect my Xbox to my wireless broadband router?
  2. Wirelessly!
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just connected my kids wii last night to the netgear wireless connection. Had to have my laptop beside me to find the router settings and change a security setting on the wii for it to connect. Google xbox and sniff around. :cya:
  4. Before I left the UK this time I set up a llive account for my boy but wasn't able to figure out how he could find and then join games online. Is this a case of having to know the nicknames and then list them of others online or is there a simple way of just listing games ongoing or about to start and then joining in?

    it's all a bit gibberish to me.

  5. just ditch it and get a PS3, then you can play the best game of the year,

    Metal Gear Solid Four: Guns Of The Patriots

    :w00t: :thumright:
  6. just use the RJ-45 :p
  7. Just ditch it and get a Uckers board !
  8. You could use one of these, MN740 ($109, but its basically the same as an MN710 USB adapter, for $30)\

    however on Amazon it lists for $50, and users say it works with the 360, just use the settings and not the install disc

    If its an X360 you have then the official answer is

    Amazon lists it for $78

    If you don't mind a non X-box product, this works with Xbox with no drivers at 802.11b, for $32 (£16...)

    Or this is Wireless G if you want more speed for $47

    Of course, as mattbea suggests, you could hook up to a RJ-45 port first to see what all the fuss is about online gaming before you drop any cash. See an Xbox forum like
    for more specific nerd info

    Hope that helps
  9. You don't need to know any gamertags, or have anyone on your friendslist in order to play online.

    Every game has a slightly different setup, but they usually all have a simple feature setup like "play unranked match" which will just chuck you in a random game for you to play.

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