Xbox 360 and Fable 2

Anyone own an Xbox 360 and playing Fable 2 just now? My 360 Elite, only 7 months old died on Saturday with the error message E74 which is a hardware failure. I had been playing Fable 2 for about a total of six hours over the course of a week. Having looked into the problem on the internet I found that many, many people had experienced the same problem after playing Fable 2.
My 360 is now bound for Germany for repair but even when I do get it back I will not be playing Fable 2. £40 down the drain and the loss of my 360 for a few weeks.
Question is this. Is it time to trade in my 360 and all the games and get a PS3?
I wouldn't go PS3, a friend of mine has one, he hates it, I hate it when I play on it.

360 is just better than any other! I havn't got Fable 2 and I havn't heard anything like that happen to people I know play it mate, so I can't help you there.

PS3/360...360 every time.
I agree, 360 wins everytime.
Depends on personal selection aswell, would you like to wait 5-10 mins everytime you load a ps3 game? Or the shitty online FREE section that they provide.
Yes the 360 has problems, the turn around for 360's currently I believe is two weeks, which aint bad.

Very unusual for an elite to die that's unlucky.

We've not got fable 2 although heard it's good. Myself and the misses are holding out for GOW2 and COD: World at War which is out very soon.

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