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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fishmiester, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Does any body have a copy (Hard or soft) of the occassion when all three of our present through deck cruisers met up at sea together that they could scan & send / post to me. I believe the occassion occurred mid to late 90's and will never happen again.

    PM me if you can help

    Yours aye
  2. I was there. Sat in the Opps room on the Illustrious. The "Exercise" was called "The Clutch of Carriers" It almost never happened as either the Ark or the Invincible had to fix some technical problem and only just made it out to sea.

    I am sure I have a pic or two somewhere. If I come across one in the next day or so, I shall get back in touch. Alternatively, you could try the Navy News, or typing "Clutch of Carriers" into Google.

    Lusty was too big for me. I am a village boy at heart, give me something with a crew of about 50, no more than that.
  3. I have a pic of 2 of them but not all 3.however i did find a most humerous topic on an odd site that some poor misguided argie contends that the Invince was sunk in the FI conflict.It makes a good humerous read.

  4. Andy, have you asked at the Phot section in Whale Island? I think the number is 93 832 7771 (or something similar), but if not the dockyard operator should be able to put you through.

  5. This c0ck has been around on many other websites espousing his 'missing carrier' theory.

    He really does raise my BP to pie-eater levels with his rhetoric.
  6. It made me scream,he was trying to use a "nurse" to back up his assumtions.The "nurse" in fact at the time was an LMA from Haslar.His gender reassignment didnt happen untill after the FI conflict.Its a real shame they closed the topic,i was well revved up to reply!LOL
  7. Regarding the Argie who is still trying to prove one of the carriers was sunk in the FI war. You could always string him along. Somthing along the lines of;

    "Yes, you are right! one of our carriers WAS sunk. We got struck by great balls of fire, on the 12 of Never. Loch Ness Monster burgers were on the menu, and I ended up in the water next to Elvis...who was only PRETENDING to be a rock legend. He was in fact a killick WEM (O). "

    And so on and so on. Then see what this idiot comes back with.

    Fishmeister, glad you got a pic. I was not looking forwards to getting that suitcase out of the loft!
  8. Cheers Mate.
    It has brought atear toMi Port optical sensor

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