X(SM) training pipeline


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Hi, can any one tell me the training pipeline for X(SM)?

I cant find it any ware on the Navy website. there was a PDF on the brnc website, but thats been shut down.


Kim (bloke)



I believe it's along the lines of;

1) 6 phases at BRNC.
2) Common fleet time.
3) Specialist fleet time.
4) JWOC.
5) Submarine training - split into III sections.
5I) Theory.
5II) Escape/Safety.
5III) Taskbook and completion of dolphins.

I think that is about right. I'm not sure about the order JWOC, fleet board etc.


Hi, I'm in the process of applying for warfare officer (submariner), just awaiting my AIB date.

I learnt the training as posted by AJ for my sift interview which was pretty much correct but was given a sheet with much more detail, which I'll share below...

Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
- 4x 7 week phases: Militarisation, Pre-IST, IST, Passing Out.

Common Fleet Time
- 4 months on a ship learning how ships are organised and operate. Culminating in Fleet Board.

Initial Warefare Officer's Navigation Course (IWONAV)
- 3 weeks at HMS Collingwood.

Specialist Fleet Time
- 6 months, generally on a small ship gaining bridge experience.

IWOC Consolidation
- One week consolidation of IWONAV and SFT.

IWOC Assessment
- One week examination phase.

Initial Warfare Officer's Course
- 4 months, including OOD course, DO course, leadership training etc ** maybe someone could explain what these abbreviations stand for?

Basic Submarine Warfare Course
- 13 weeks at HMS Raleigh.
- Includes Nuclear General Course at HMS Sultan.

Join First Boat as PT3 Trainee
- 4 months gaining Dolphins.

Non-Complement Warfare Job
- Such as CBO (what does this stand for?), 15 months attached to boat.

Frigate and Navigating Officer's Course (FNO)
- 11 weeks at HMS Collingwood, including dived section.

First Complement Appointment
- Normally as SCO (abbreviation?) initially for 12-18 months, watch about with Navigating Officer, then becoming Navigating Officer for 12-18 months.

Common Appointment / Shore Job
- Around 2 years.

Advanced Warfare Course
- 6 months at HMS Collingwood.
- Qualifies to become watch leader.

Watch Leader
- 2-5 years gaining experience.

And finally, if you're up to it / good enough...

Submarine Command Course (SMCC) - 'Perisher'
- Success leads to XO job and from there to CO.
- Failure leads to General Service jobs.
The following I have added.
- Perisher Course lasts for 24 weeks.
- A great insight can be found here... http://www.navy.mil/navydata/cno/n87/usw/issue_18/perisher.htm

Hopefully this is of some help to fellow potential X(SM)s. Please don't hold me to any of this as I have just copied it straight from the sheet I was given at my interview in prep for the AIB.


Great post Ben. OOD stands for Officer Of the Day. DO is divisional/duty officer. I'm not sure about CBO/SCO. Maybe SCO is senior casing officer.
My they have fairly compressed thing, fully fledged nuclear dolphins in just over two years where it took me some 5 years to achieve the same.
CBO = classified books officer
SCO = signal communications officer

Not entirely sure where you got the non-complement/complement bit from - these have quite specific meanings and to be "non-complement" until you start FNO doesn't quite ring true....


CBO = Charge Books Officer and SCO = Signals Communications Officer. CBO is custodian of all of the classified warfare books held on charge. SCO is normally DO to the WT shack team and leanrs his trade by lsitening to the RS and Leading Hands. Post qualifying Pt III officers will normally stay onboard for 18 months or so to qualify as a ship control OOW and to gain more general warfare skills including passing a Tactical Weapons System (TWS - and you do a more difficult one at each job until you become a CO). During this time you will be considered part of the ship's company and hence a complement officer.


Lantern Swinger
cheers guys - but there seems to be a discrepensy when it comes to BRNC - ive heard 6 phases at BRNC, not 4 phases.. any ideas which is correct?

btw - my join date is 8th sept.

TSO says he has sent my letter in the post, but ive not had it and i called him 4 days ago.. getting aprihensive...


There are six seven week phases indeed. IOT, Pre IST, IST, Academic I, Academic II and Passing Out. The academic phases tend to be regarded as one phase. So do the IST phases. Thus, it is sometimes assumed there are four phases.