X(sm) r.o.s

Can anyone tell me the return of service for x(sm) please? I have searched on the site but most of the info is quite old. I am aware that it is in BR3 but I am currently using my phone so cant download it. Many thanks for anyone that helps.
Does this help, NFF?

5303. Officers

a. RN and RM officers are required to give a ROS in recognition of the cost of their initial training which for all (except those promoted under the Senior Upper Yardman (SUY)/Senior Corps Commission (SCC) schemes) is defined as the training completed prior to joining the trained strength (e.g. Phase 1 training undertaken at BRNC Dartmouth and CTCRM Lympstone; Phase 2 professional training such as IWOC, ILOC(M) and SEMC). For officers promoted from the ranks via the SUY/SCC schemes, initial officer training is considered to be complete once individuals commence their first effective assignment.
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Table 53B-2. Completion of Initial Training - All Officer Branches

Officers (inc SUY)

X(GS) IWOC On completion of Initial Warfare Officers Course (IWOC)

X(SM) IWOC On completion of Initial Warfare Officers Course (IWOC)


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I reckon the Return of Service, subject to confirmation by your UPO is 5 years commissioned service from completion of professional training for X(SM) but again, you'll need to confirm it yourself.

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