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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by chris78290, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Preparing for potential AIB questions, needed clarification on X(SM) career path. From what I understand it looks something like:

    IFT (New IST and CFT combo)
    Fleet Board
    Nav sea week
    Submarine Training (Raleigh)
    1st sea Job (earning Dolphins)
    OOW Job
    OOW Job
    OOW/Navs Job (depending on achievement)
    Broadening job/Perisher?

    As you can probably tell after the submarine course at Raleigh my understanding is a bit blurred, if anyone could clarify for me that would be most helpful. Also am I right in thinking that each draft will probably last 18 months - 2 years?
  2. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    scrub out the OOW jobs, based on recent experience of my X(SM) oppos, they have gone from CASO (earning Dolphins), to CBO/CORRO, then off to Navs course to return as NO. Then, possibly change from SSNs to SSBNs or vice versa, before gaining enough experience to do Advanced Warfare course, to then return to a boat as Watch Leader (TSO/TASO in SSNs, Navigator/TSO/TASO in SSBNs).
    As for the question of broadening appointments, not likely until after WLs job.
    The job of SM controller, which traditionally was seen as a reward for a job well done is now backed up with the sick, the lame, the welfare and compassionate cases and those who are threatening to wrap it in.
    Further to that, reduction to one Perisher per year has meant that suitable WLs gain more seagoing experience to reduce risk of failure in the one-shot test of SMCC.
  3. SM Manning, especially for Warfare, is under a lot of stress right now. I've friends who expect to go Part 3, OOW (for 6 - 9 months), NO, PWO(SM) (the new name for Advanced Warfare Course) and then to Perisher. There is some talk about 2 chances at perisher, but I didn't ask Teacher the last time I saw him in the mess because his tat's scared me!
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Does he still smoke? That was a right laugh when the ban came in. :roll:
  5. pass, perhaps that explained his grumpiness!!!
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    lol, I was parked at the tennis courts the other day and was just about to drive off and spotted tabber crossing the road and entering the carpark, I took my time, only because I had run out of tabs and would have been in trouble!!!!! :roll:
  7. they're always looking for 'volunteers'. You will typically do a shore job before your part 3, a job as a SM LO and then backto mainstream pusser jobs. It doesn't help hugely with promotion, if only because you all get it first shot anyway!!
  8. Alfred, a bit of jealousy i detect. Not all get it first shot, SM's can also hinder your career.... trust me, I know of SM LOs who have spent a very long time on a boat as reliefs dont make it through the pipeline so miss out on the extra jobs required for promotion. It works both ways!!!

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