Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scratch, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. I note from the latest AFPRB report that X Factor is due for review in 2007. X Factor, the element of pay which is meant to compensate for the disadvantages of Service life, was last reviewed in 2000 when it was increased from 12% to 13%. Have things changed significantly since 2000 and could this lead to an increase? Think about these in case the AFPRB call at your ship or station or post your views here as they will be monitored by those in MOD.
  2. Damn!! Thought this thread was gonna be about the show.........

  3. At the risk of sounding obvious, the increase in ops and overseas committments would lead one to think the X factor should be increased to reflect the greater seperation and risk.
  4. And I always thought Shakey was the X Factor! :eek:
  5. Funny you should say that "This Ole House" could quite easily be a subliminal paridy about the state of the RN these days!

    This ole ship lost all his sailors
    This ole ship once knew a life
    This ole ship was home and comfort
    As we fought the storms at night
    This old ship once rang down full ahead
    This old ship heard many shots
    Now she trembles in the dockyard
    As the funding walks on out

    (Ain't a-gonna need this ship no longer)
    (Ain't a-gonna need this dockyard no more)
    Ain't got time to fix the sonar
    Ain't a-got time to paint the deck
    Ain't got time to oil the engine
    Nor to mend the heads again
    Ain't a-gonna need this ship no longer
    She's a-gettin' ready to meet the saints

    Hmmm groovy!

    I know I need to get out more!
  6. Excellent - encore !!!!!
  7. No, just get back on topic please.
  8. The crabs and pongo's want it stopped. they can not see why we get it. So we need to fight hard to keep what is an excellent addition to our pay. JPA is causing use so many problems, as they are both trying hard to get us to come into line with there pay regulations.

    Lets keep the RN flag flying high
  9. The green eyed monster at work again!!!!!!
    Ps they’ve been trying to get it stopped for donkey’s years.
  10. But surely we are all paid the X-factor. Why would pongy and crabby want it stopped. a demand for a pay cut seems a tad illogical to me!

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