X Factor - terrorsit threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. That well known preacher of hate Omar Bakri, has allegedly threatened the show because he thinks it is 'Anti Muslim'

    Apparently because they are promoting a single in support of British troops, the proceeds of which are going to H4H campaign.

    He reckons that Muslims wearing the armband in support of the troops, are unbelievers enacting hatred against the true believers " and has dangerous implications"
    "Even watching the show ..... people are committing a type of hatred ....."

    Isn't this the guy getting oodles of benefit money from our government, and they still allow this tosspot to spout his garbage ?!

    I would have thought this could be construed as incitement/terrorism etc - but hang on, don't they use this Teror Act to spy on mis-aligned waste bins !!


    I found this on the yahoo news website, but the link won't work for me .... :(
  2. sometimes I do wonder how we let these people still stay in our country. Overseas workers who give something to this country fairenough. People who are willing to fight for the uk and what we believe in - great. But the ******* who seem to come here to freeload off the state and are not willing to intigrate into the UK's way of life. Then lets send them home with their tails between their legs.


  3. The only benefit I would give that twat Bakri is the 'benefit' of my size 10's splitting his gonads into many different pieces. :threaten:

    Get them all out now and make them take that 'Human Rights' drum banging witch Cheri Blair with them.
  4. We din't with this one he is in Lebanon now, personally I think it is now more the ranting to get in the news as since he left the UK his public profile has fallen quite a bit. With a bit of luck he will upset one of the factions in that country enough to achieve his wish to be a martyr

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