Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by FAAFLYNAVY, May 16, 2013.

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  1. X-47B of F35 which way will it go for the new carriers, what's your choice & opinion on these two totally different aircraft.
  2. Can'r see a drone flying CAP, and although they seem to be able to do some jobs, lots of the targets aren't shooting back. Odd one or two for intel gathering and aew work but for fleet protection I don't see a total unmanned replacement any time soon :cool:
  3. It has to be the F35. Drones are great at what they do, but I can't see them taking over the roles of pilots on carriers. You also have to remember currently drones are being used against some sand-monkeys in caves and desserts. What happens when we go to war with Iran or some other country with their own jets, and it goes from turning a man and a camel to dust into aerial combat and dogfights.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm not up there in terms of understanding the way fly boys work but to my simple mind there's nowt wrong with having a drone with twice the range and length of air time acting as a airborne warning system for the manned planes.
  5. Probably just F35 for the time being.

    Drones would be a good alternative for AEW but probably too costly.
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  6. Personally I'm not convinced that CAP is still viable or necessary, with the advanced satellite detection systems & long range ship to air defences is CAP still required?
  7. The CAP has offensive capability, without the potential loss of the pilot should it be engaged and lost.

    A satellite can find a target but it cannot (as far as I am aware) hit it with any hardware.
  8. Its not viable, but it is necessary.
  9. Perhaps it's best to say that drones are not capable of replacing manned aircraft in ALL scenarios at present and until they are then a mix will be necessary. Does a carrier remain stealthy if it is operating drones, in terms of active radar/control frequencies? I think this is just an equivalent of the Gordian Knot. :)
  10. think your AEW alternative will end up being a bagger Sea King ..Doc:neutral:
  11. It's mooted that there will be laser equipped satellite/drone/ship borne defensive weapon systems operating within the next 8 years.
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  12. Yeah but they're getting retired. However, not the entire Merlin mk1 fleet is going to be upgraded as far as I'm aware. Meaning they can swap the kit over to the ones that are left.
  13. Isn't the use of lasers as weapons subject to restrictions under the Geneva Convention and one can only guess at the cost of such a system. :)
  14. No wonder they're hard to find if they're hiding in puddings.

    (Sorry to throw a custard pie at this thread, I know it's not a trifling matter).
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  15. I'm not ou fait with the ins & outs of the GC but it seems reasonable that if it's a purely defensive system it would be in the clear, with regards to cost it could well prove cheaper then F35's for CAP cover.

    The Americans are well into the advanced testing stage so they're seeing some future for it, perhaps backed up by the X-47B.:neutral:
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  16. In fact there was a video of a laser shooting down a drone on MSN this week, as well as a video of an unmanned drone carrier launch.
  17. Just spent the week sailing with some IWOF bumders and they were spinning a dit they heard from a CJH brief about sentinel being used on pussers greys post ganners pull out. Just a stop gap for the AEW side of life.

    I did my AIB essay on Drones/UAV I think they have there place as do pilots.

    Lets just hope they don't make a robo-Buffer! But froggy can be replaced by sea fox.............FLASH!

  18. ‚ÄčOh. .
  19. ??? There must be more?
  20. Wouldn't the first strike against a target be deemed it offensive rather than defensive. I know it's pedantics at its worse but "Rules are meant to be broken" and all that... :)

    Here's the bit from GC.
    Protocol IV on Blinding Laser Weapons prohibits the use of laser weapons specifically designed, as their sole combat function or as one of their combat functions, to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision, that is to the naked eye or to the eye with corrective eyesight devices. The High Contracting Parties shall not transfer such weapons to any State or non-State entity

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