Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Thinking about the squadrons embarked on the carriers in the second world war. like Spitfires etc. RAF having SGT pilots. Was their any non commissioned FAA pilots??? .I doubt it, but maybe it happened?????
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    My understanding is that there were PO pilots and soon after the war they were all either commissioned or demobbed. But I don't have any ref for this.
  3. I vaguely remember reading about P.O. Pilots, but I can't for the life of me think where.
  4. They did indeed have PO Pilots in WW2, we had two on Eagle in 57, tho` by this time they were subby`s.
  5. An old friend of mine who ended up as a Lt Cdr told me he was trained as a PO pilot on Swordfish during the war but never flew operationally because the Admiralty changed the rules shortly after he qualified.

    I found the following at fleetairarmarchive.net:

  6. No need to be a senior rate to be a hanger pilot Scouse. Race you to the hanger :p
  7. :roll: :roll: kinnell rember that NA? that was duty keys. cranked the hangar doors to close, and jumped through to lock it up on the outside, and got smacked between the doors?? OMG!!!!
  8. And how about Charlie Bick?
    turned to off watch to clean his cab, even returned from leave early :oops:

    Wonder where Charlie is now?
  9. kinnell rember that NA? that was duty keys. cranked the hangar doors to close, and jumped through to lock it up on the outside, and got smacked between the doors?? OMG!!!!

    I do Scouse, haunts me to this day, I was part of the duty fire crew that went to wash the brains away.
  10. Saw him having a shower in his N8s and not drawing his pay for 6 months!!! Too busy working!!!!
  11. There were a great many characters at Lossie in the sixties. Wonder if you remember:

    LAEM Jim Purcell (later CPO) a three badge killick infamous for his conversation with the Captain of Fulmer one Captain Kirk.
    Jim was returning from the Coulard one night when the Captains car almost ran him down, now it must be understood that the Captain was driving the wrong way in the one way system.
    The Captain said "What do you think you are doing!"
    Jims reply "Getting out of your way you drunken cnt"
    Needless to say Jim was required to meet the Joss and had to apologise to the drunken cnt.

    NAM(AE) Sejpal
    Picked up for a shave by the Joss he made the excuse that he was waiting for a part for his razor, a week later the Joss found out that the part was a razor blade.
  12. wonder what Charlie thinks??? if he is still out their. Strapping them in to 634 his cab. Never to return???,
    Ps back on thread any Killick pilots?? What happened when the PO Pilot got busted :wink: :wink: ???
  13. Scouse, at one time we crewies/chockheads had a draftie called Charlie Wines or Whines! He was a PO Pilot who stayed on after the war and became a two and a half.
  14. As rating pilots they mostly flew Sea Otters and Walruses serving on ships other than Fleet Carriers. Following their Acting Leading Airman rating they were made up to P.O with flying pay. They could go to St Vincent and do the Knife and Fork Course and become Sub Ltd (A). Many didn't as without private means they found the wardroom mess bills unappealing.
    A number were promoted to Chief before the war's end and remained as ratings until about 1948 when they were persuaded to become Cmd Pilots. Some did, becoming S/lt (SD) a few years later. Sadly a large number lost their lives on deck landings. Those who elected to remain as rating pilots were eased out
  15. Little bit off message but one member of the merseyside FAA officers association told me the story of how in his early flying days as a swordfish TAG he was refused accomodation in the Sgt's mess at Macrahanish because having just been promoted to PO and wearing a second hook, he was stiil "dresed as a seaman" (square rig).
  16. :wink: :wink: Good job he wasnt under training, as they were all Naval Airman/Act leading hand Pilots,in the begining, and they all would have had to go in to the junior rates mess, as well.B/Z to them all :salute: :salute: :salute:
  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bumping this thread to pick up on Harry Wardle's book 'Forecastle to Quarterdeck' (CW Publishing 1994 and a vg read anyway). In 1938 he set out to get the education qualification to go through for rating pilot but in 1939 out came an AFO cancelling the scheme as the FAA were going for officer recruitment from outside. Under the rating pilot scheme he would have been rated PO once he qualified.

    (He ended up as a 2 1/2 anyway, but as a diver - see his follow-on book 'Dive Navy').
  18. I understand from my step-brother larry lannigan who did 47 - 70 that non -commisioned pilots were rated P3. And before i joined the same branch as him, he brought a handler home on leave wiith him. he had gained a nickname because he was allways waffling to civvies that he was a P3 pilot (which he was not he was a chockhead). So he gained the nickname P3 Pembleton. Hig might no him, I no they both turned up at our house legless, and my mum put them both in two watches LOL.

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