WWII Mess Roll

Discussion in 'History' started by Ians_lad, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. I have a mess roll form from my grandfather's files. The form is provided "in order that the Master may obtain receipts for Mess Utensils issued for the use of Troops and other third class passengers". Nicely phrased, that.

    He was shipped around the Med a couple of times (Greece -Crete-Alexandria). The mess roll states he was on ship L7, deck A Section 11, mess no. 93. Does anyone have any clues which ship that might have been?
  2. Sounds very much like a troopship - especially as you mention 'shipped around' - I could be wrong though.

    The only L7 pennant number might have been that of a Submarine built in 1917 and scrapped in 1930.

  3. Possibly....L7 Llandovery Castle, Union Castle Line

    Returned to commercial use in 1947 on the 'Round Africa Run'
  4. See ! The wealth of knowledge in this site ... :thumbright:

  5. It's all from the internet.....just Google Search....there's probably lots more info on that
  6. Yeah, I found that, but isn't the L just the catalogue code of the company making the model??
  7. I would say that it was pure luck that the site gave me a direction to search again....ie Union Castle...no matter, maybe helps the original poster.
    I'm only here to 'fart about' :))

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