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WWII Merchant Navy badge


Can anyone tell me of an appropriate metal badge that would have ben worn by an English Mershant seaman in WWII? There seems to be a lot of variation, from the little I can glean on google. It's for a family tree of capbadges I'm putting together for my boy.
There is a general use Merchant Navy Cap badge --its used where no shipping line officers cap badge is available.
Description is that its similar to the RN Officers cap badge
The Crown is a Naval Crown--Armada and Galleons and English ships sails
the centre piece anchor is bigger on a red background
and the surrounding leaves are different in gold wire .

I wore one when I was a merchant navy ''trainee'' officer cadet .

The ww2 MN silver badge was for general issue to all MN personnel .



Thanks gents. As my man wasn't an officer, I'll go for one of the 'MN' badges. It's either that or the Worcestershire Home Guard... :wink:
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