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World War One touched every family. If you’re not aware of any relatives who served in the War, that simply means you probably haven’t found them yet. To commemorate Remembrance Weekend, we’re giving everyone the chance to discover their family’s role in the Great War. We’ve made our Service Records, Pension Records and Medal Index Cards completely FREE, until November 13th!

WWI Service Records, 1914–1920, provides a complete picture of your ancestors’ military career, revealing their ranks and regiments, where they fought, and many more personal details. It includes over 2 million soldiers who remained in service until the end of the War, or were killed.

WWI Pension Records, 1914-1920, actually contains more service records. Its name comes from the fact it was used by the Ministry of Pensions to work out what each solider was entitled to. Here you’ll find almost a million men who were discharged during the War, usually because of injury or illness.

WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920, is the most complete list of British World War I soldiers – as just about all of them were entitled to at least one medal. You’ll find several men with the same names, but you can use this collection alongside the service and pension records and check the regimental number to be sure you’ve found your relative. Don’t miss your chance to discover this crucial chapter in your family’s story. Remember, these three key collections are FREE until November 13th. -
See more at: http://blogs.ancestry.com/uk/2011/11/10/free-world-war-i-records/#sthash.OBMzMdNf.dpuf

You are required to supply a name and an email address only - there is no fee.

LINK : http://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/uk/world-war-1


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