WWI Army Ancestors.

Discussion in 'History' started by sweetpea, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. For the budding genealogist:

    Ancestry.co.uk announce that from 7th -14th November 2010, you can search and view the original historical WWI ARMY documents from their military collection completely FREE. No subscription necessary.

    Free to view:
    Medal Index Cards.
    WWI Army Service Records.
    WWI Army Pension Records.


    Happy hunting. :)

  2. Hi SweetPea,

    A bit off-topic but is your research mode set for any information sources regarding ancestors who served in the Boer Wars?

    It's just a marker for now because 'sometime' I would like to be able to track the career of my Grandfather who served out there with/in the Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry.........


    PS Have you noticed that someone has stolen your lovely photograph avatar and wickedly replaced it with that ghastly one? 8O
  3. Hello Bob,

    If your Grandfather also served during WWI his full service record (if it survived the blitz of WWII) should be available online. If your grandfather had left the army before the outbreak of WWI, then his army record should be available via the National Archives, and I might be able to help you there.

    I only have online access to the UK Casualties of the Boer War, 1899-1902.... If anyone would like a look-up please let me know.


    Edited to add: The War Diaries of the Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry are also held at the NA - you may be able to order photocopies of the entries recorded in them online.
  4. Many thanks Sweetpea,

    He left well before WW1 but I have his campaign medals (somewhere.....) and just that hope that they would have his Service Number engraved on the edges.

    A project for the future......

  5. Yes, the medals should be numbered and named and can be cross referenced with the medal rolls.
    Even if you do not have his service number you will find him listed in the Medal Rolls by surname.

    Let me know if you require any help. :wink:

  6. Thanks Sol,

    Links now all filed as a Starter for when I tackle it.

  7. Thanks for posting the links Sol, much appreciated - I should have posted them myself but it appears that I am wearing my Worzel Gummidge head this evening! :lol:

  8. Oh, additional thanks to Sweetpea, too, for your latest info.

    (AND your much improved Av. :wink: )


    PS Really nice experience to have two Ladies rushing to give/tell me stuff 8) within my experience all the other beautiful ladies are takers not givers :cry:
  9. I do hope that's not a dig at me :|

    Bob, don't forget the London Gazette (google it yourself, as I'm feeling a bit on the lazy side 2nite) Go to the advanced search page. Details of commissions, and all officer promotions are in there, along with awards of medals etc. If you are struggling to find something in there that should be there, pm me.
  10. What about RM records from WW1? Whats the best place to start.(my grandad was a Royal)
  11. Hi V8,

    The Royal Marine service records are held at the FAA Museum and at the National Archives, London.

    It might be worth your while contacting the FAA Museum to make enquiries, which you can do online. Here is the link:


    The Royal Marine service documents, along with RN service documents are not yet available online, ie, via Ancestry.co.uk. :cry:

    Hope this helps.

  12. Fantastic link, just found my Great Grandfather's medal certificate.


    Any idea what the 'RAF' in Queens Regiment R.A.F. was? I'm pretty sure no ancestor of mine would even consider joining the crabs.

    This was in 1916 anyway which is a good few years before those twats started poncing about in planes.

    Edited to add: Before any of you start gobbing off because he had a weird name, it should be noted that his parents, my great great grandparents, were German.
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Have a look at this London Gazette entry from 1918 - it's your great grandfather renouncing his German name.
  14. Just found my granddad. Joined Northumberland Reg in 1898 and serve d through ww1 intact.
  15. That's epic, cheers mate. His parents emigrated from Frankfurt in the 1880's. He started using the name Raeburn before the war and as anti-German feeling grew he thought it might be in the family's best interest to change the name permanently, much like the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas who became Windsor.

    It's interesting that he chose to fight for Britain given that all his cousins fought on the other side. One of them was Adolf Alsberg, a Brigadier and a leading orthopaedic surgeon. He won the iron cross but it was stripped from him, along with everything else he owned, when the Nazis came to power because he was of Jewish ancestry. One of his sons escaped to London during this time and was adopted by Walter.

    I have one of his father's business cards with the NW6 address on it. I live about 200 metres away from that house now and my son is the 6th generation of our family to live in this part of the World.

    I've been having a sniff around and it looks like my Great Grandfather might have actually joined the RAF at some point after the war.

    Oh the shame. ;)

    Edited to add: Turns out my Great Great Grandfather on the other side was also a kraut who went back to Germany at the beginning of WW1 and was never seen again, presumed war dead. His surname was Roche but that's about all I know. His branch of the family also changed their surname in WW2 for pretty much the same reason as above.
  16. The Queens Royal Regiment of Foot (Queens RRF).
  17. It definitely says RAF. It looks like a separate entry on the citation and it does actually appear that he transferred to the RAF at some point and left in 1922.
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Looking at the medal card, there appears to be a faint notation that I interpret as West Surrey Regiment... could this have been his original unit before he learned to walk sideways?

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