Discussion in 'History' started by penhall, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. I am trying to find information on my late father in law - G.F.Nicholson. He was in the Naval Reserves in New Zealand before the war & then served on Minesweepers in the Navy based in the Atlantic. He served on the HMS Harvester & then commanded 2 different MMS class minesweepers. These were HMS MMS 106 & HMS MMS 111. How do I get anymore information like dates & places he went to.

  2. Try Ancestry.com.
  3. I found this site which may help others searching post war articles


    Nicholson G.F., BSc, AKC, AMIEE COLL

    The COLL - I gather means RN College Greenwich
    Would this be his last posting before discharge
  4. thanks will try that one
  5. HMS Harvester (ex-Brazilian Jurura, ex-HMS Handy) was a destroyer. For more information about her and her wartime activities, go to Naval History Homepage and type ‘Harvester’ in Site Search.

    MMS 106 (Pendant No. J.606) was a 105 ft (short boat) motor minesweeper launched at Clare Shipbuilding Company in Meteghan, Nova Scotia in Canada on 30 Sep 1941 and commissioned on 4 July 1942. She was assigned to the 120th Minesweeper Flotilla (120th MSF) based in the Mediterranean from her arrival in 1942 until 1945. She was transferred to Italy in 1946, returned to the Royal Navy in January 1951, decommissioned in 1952 and sold at Chatham on 12 January 1956.

    MMS 111 (Pendant No. J.611) was also a 105 ft (short boat) motor minesweeper. She was launched at J. Morris in Gosport, Hampshire on 17 August 1942, commissioned on 21 Jan 1943 and assigned to the 106th MSF, based at Newhaven, from 1943 to 1945. She was sold in November 1945.
  6. thanks will try that as well - good to be getting somewhere
  7. He was commissioned S/Lt RNZNR July 1 1942 promoted Lt December7 1942 He served continuously in Motor Minesweepers .He was in command of MMS 111 with Lt JH Arbuckle RNVR as his First Lt.in 1945 when it was sold. He is listed as being overseas from Auckland on September 6 1945 when his son was born-- so assume he was delivering MMS111 for sale
    Stony ground I fear insofar as finding out what small ships were up to in war-time.

    All the Motor Minesweepers on which he served are listed in the Navy Lists.
  8. Thank you - thats exactly what we are looking for
  9. what site did that last piece of personal info come from
  10. Not from any one site sadly. The information that your father-in-law was overseas when his son was born in September 1945 came from a classified announcement placed in the local Auckland paper announcing the birth. I surfed their archives.
    Your father-in-law was serving on MMS 111 at that time and the vessel was sold in that year.
    You could research how he returned to NZ. If by passenger ship that will be listed-- If by warship or troopship that will be much more difficult to determine. The Public Record Office at Kew will have the Victualling records but you'll need the patience of Job to locate them.

    There will be much more information out there but you will need a large amount of luck -lateral thinking and great persistence of endeavour.

    Incidently the last time I was in Devonport Dockyard in 1957, I recall their being quite a number of small wooden minesweepers tied up there. I'll have a look at a photograph I took of my Takapuna teacher girl friend on the jetty waving goodbye--Sadly the last time I saw her. That's the navy for you.

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