WW2 Service numbers


I wonder if anyone can help, I am tracing my family history and trying to trace elements of my Grandfather. He was stationed at Scapa Flow during WW2 with The Royal Navy Submarine Service and was a Petty officer (I think). Unfortunatly he died when i was 7 and my dad has very little information beyond that.

We do however have his tags/disks (Red round version) and i am trying to fathom the lettering that is on them to try and piece together more information.

the disk contains his inital and surname around one edge and the following:


Around the other edge, X i think means he was engaged after the 1930's pay code, # = service number but what does the PM stand for as i cant find a listing for it?

Also stamped in the center is:


and below this


Both of which i cant seem to find info on. Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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