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Hello, I am researching my Grandfathers service with the Royal Navy during WW2. I have a copy of the Certificate of Service which shows that he enlisted in 1940 at Lowestoft (Sparrows Nest). I have a list of ships and or land bases with dates but one is very puzzling. He served on 'Aeolus' during 1943 but I can find no record of its existence - only as a WW1 shipships edited.jpg
My next question is about his awards. He was awarded 3 chevrons - what does this mean? We also have the Atlantic Star.
edited awards.jpg
Hope someone can help. Thanks


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Have a look through this
Royal Naval Patrol Service - Wikipedia

My late father served with the RNPS during WW2 I have tried researching the ships that he was on but sadly most of the references are to the shore stations that dealt with records and pay, to say that the records are haphazard would be an understatement. I don't have time at the moment but will try tomorrow to sort out any contacts I made. You might do a search on Harry Tates Navy which might help you further

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It's about halfway down but the article on this site
states that HMS Aeulos was a stores establishment in Tring.

Also mentioned here

Confirmed as the Kite and Balloon Stores Depot, commissioned December 1942 and paid off November 1945, so it appears that the OP's grandfather arrived early on.


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