WW2 Navy Convoy Boxset (Malta/Arctic/BOA Convoys) No.1 WW2 Best Seller.


WW2 Navy Convoy Boxset (2013:Christmas Collection) is out now. *(3 ebooks for the price of 2). The boxset
depicts three famous convoys from WW2:

1)Malta Convoy (Operation Pedestal). 70th Edition (August 2012).
2)Battle of Atlantic:70th Edition (May 2013).
3)The Arctic Convoy. 70th Edition (Battle of North Cape:Sinking of the Scharnhorst:December 2013).

*The Navy Boxset was recently No.1 WW2 Best Seller (23.11.13) on Amazon's BOA Book List.
Each ebook is packed with photographs, maps and leading personalities of the day.
(Click into link below for more information):

Thank you for your support.
Best Wishes.

Alex Devaney.

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