WW2 Branch badges..which is yours?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Found this whilst wandering the web, some weird and wonderful sub-branches and adquals including RN employed Somalis such as a Somali stoker rate as stoker tindal.

    What adqual would you have gone for...masseur maybe (it did exist!!!)

    Ranks, Badges and Pay in the Royal Navy in World War 2
  2. I quite fancy being a motor despatch rider.

    It sounds cheers easy, I can't imagine there is much need for motorcycle riders at sea.
  3. Unless you were on the Massive
  4. Safers, we were once pulled alongside a massive oil tanker and there was a Philippino sailor riding a BMX around the upper deck. We tried to get him to do a trick but he just looked bemused and rode off in his gash shorts and flip flops.
  5. My badge still there, though I like the sound of a diving tiff
  6. A layer sounds good. Jack lays pretty much anything that moves
  7. Not there But I have it on good authority that I would have been an REA
  8. On leaving the RN in 2008 I would have been a CPO Mech, now an RNVR LT,check me out!!!!

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