'WW2 Battle of Atlantic: 70th Commemoration Edition.'


Just written a 70th Commemoration Tribute ebook, about the Battle of Atlantic Convoys. Liverpool staged a 'Battle of Atlantic Weekend' during the May Day Holiday. Many warships and vessels from all around the world came to Merseyside. The latest photographs and high-lights are included in this short ebook (7,000) words.

The Battle of Atlantic was the longest naval campaign in WW2. It began on the day war was declared by Britain and finished almost 6 years later. A 100 North Atlantic Convoy battles raged across the Atlantic Ocean, including a 1,000 naval engagements: HMS Hood, the Bismarck and US destroyer ‘Rueben James.’

The Battle of Atlantic was fiercely fought on all sides, with the Axis forces gaining the upper hand, then the Allies. It was a war of new weapons and technology. ASDIC, an earlier form of sonar, helped to detect German and Italian submarines deep in the ocean.

The Enigma code-breakers stemmed the tide of Donitz's U-boat wolf packs. The Western Approaches Operation Centre in Liverpool played a vital role; co-ordinating a safe passage for the North Atlantic Convoys; utilising the latest tactics of aerial combat; charting the position of U-boat encounters. The Battle of Atlantic was crucial to the outcome of WW2.


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