WW2 Awards - Badges - Medals and understanding them


SP - no problem re the photo.
I must admit when I first discovered the photo I thought 'crikey dads was in the US Navy!' but after consulting a period uniform specialist he told me that this was perfectly correct UK RN issue for the time when in the US. He also added that it was Khaki in colour and all correct even down to the Black tie and thin Black belt he said, I have never seen or heard of it before so I bowed to his knowledge.

WreckerL - as far as I can say is that dad was always at sea and with reference to navigation - don't know if its of any help but he was also on with escorting the Russian convoys.
The 3 cap insignias I have are: (don't know correct terminology - so sorry guys) 1/ anchor with a Crown 'all in Red' with Black background - 2/ Silver anchor with a circle around it below a brightly coloured Crown with Black background - 3/ big in size overall but smaller Silver Crown with Gold leafs coming from each side below a brightly coloured Crown with a Black background. - its like a progression in cap badges from plain to elaborate, all must have been on at some stage as you can see the sewing holes in the first two where they would have been attached, the third (and last one) is still on his cap which I still have.

(granny) - with you saying 'memories' did you actually wear that same kit then?


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As young sailors we all tried to look like 'Jack me heartys' you would not believe the speed at which we changed back when a Naval Patrol hove into sight. Hats back on straight, cuffs down and buttoned, chest out, stomach in, smart as new paint. lol. I didn't join until 1951 but nothing seemed to have altered much since the war.


Hi Guys - while I'm waiting for dads records coming I had an idea if it was possible to try and trace his two ship mates from the photo on page 3 of this thread, - would it be possible? - are there records of ships personnel at that time and if so could they be got easily?

I have their names as I stated before as 'Ted & Dick' but that's all, no surnames, they must have been pals of sorts as the other half a dozen photos I have all feature those two guys on them in one way or another.

I realize they may well be gone now? - but you never know and it may be nice for their family (if traceable) to have copies of the photos I have of them.