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Is the shadow/ outline off Gibraltar 36degrees 08mins 39 N 5degrees 18 mnutes 38W -22m
the WW2 Ark? When viewed against the surface ships seems a likely candidate size and shape wise. Meanwhile I'll start searching for the wreck of the Hesperus.


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Do you think you'd see light reflecting off a wreck 2000mtrs (?) down? When they filmed the wreck (Utube link above this post) it was in complete darkness as sunlight doesn't penetrate to that depth.

Plus, to the best of my knowledge, googles cameras don't film over sea... or the site google earth doesn't assemble the mosiac of photographs over water... they just do the coastal strip and any islands.
Pearl harbour is worth a look on google earth as are some of the US airfields and if you want a laugh have a look at Faslane.
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