WW1 Big Dig

Anybody watch the Channel 5 program last night on the tunnels under the WWI trenches at Mesine. The Brits managed to tunnel under the German lines and plant some collosal bombs under the Germans then set them all off in one hit ... reckoned it killed over 11,000 germans in 20 seconds! Apparently one tunnel was discovered and the "bomb" is still down unexploded with some huge pile of Amytol which apprently gets very unstable when wet ... and the Belgiums build a farm on top of it!
Watched a while back - the bang was quite impressive!

On a similar vein! Books, 'Tunnel Rats' and 'The Tunnels of Cu-Chi' give a very good idea of tunnelling from a Vietnamese point of view. The Cu-Chi complex was vast, field hospitals, T something or other tanks stowed in them. The Yanks even built an ammunition dump on top of one of the tunnel complex's and allowed the Vietnamese to help themselves. Very good read.
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On the Messines ridge 21 mines were dug and I believe only 19 went off, saw the programme a while back. I've also read "The Tunnels of Cu-Chi", absolutely amazing what they achieved. The yanks used to pump coloured smoke down a tunnel to find the exits and were amazed when smoke came out inside their own compound. The VC got round that by digging U bends in the tunnel and filling them with water so you had to swim through but it stopped the smoke.

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