wtr ???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by woody678, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. hey guys just wondering what is a wtr in the royal navy sorry if this stupid question
  2. Someone who can write, including capital letters and punctuation. :lol:

    Edited to add smiley!

    Now known, for some inexplicable reason, as a "Logs pers", which used to be "Writer", known colloquially as "Scribes".

  3. o so personnel logistician hope that the correct spelling im looking to go into logistics but more supply role got appointment tomoro with ca in the afco anybody no the waiting list for that
  4. i fnk u wil pars it eezi bruv
  5. sorry for the spelling its late so was little bit lazy and was texting at the same time but very good reply
  6. It's not your spelling, so much as your grammar, and the irony that you're talking about a 'Writer'.
    A few capital letters, apostrophes and fullstops in the right place would take you from gobshite to playwright :)!
  7. Thankyou very much for your advice
  8. Why didn't you wait until you'd sent the text/asked to question to text/asked the question?
  9. Multi-tasking! Stick that on your CV.

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