WTOK Mississippi: "Aviators Receive Wings Of Gold"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. HMMmmm, I think I'll reserve judgement on that.
  2. Now now Pontius you were young once................................long time ago:pl:
  3. Did he say that in English through a really crap American interpreter?
  4. If you play the clip, it makes perfect sense so I would say yes, it's crap septic reporting.
  5. Please disregard all previous. Ran it on my Flashplayer friendly notepad and it sounds fine.

    When they get back home, presumably they will be allowed proper wings for on their sleeve?
  6. They already had the wings on the sleeve. Or at least one of them did.
  7. The RN guys would have already been qualified pilots before attending. The fact is they passed the US flying training course and therefore qualified for the yankee doodle wings too!
  8. One can only wonder if they were landed with some awful "call sign" (sic "maverick", "viper" etc) that the yanks all seem to be all too fond of?

    One can only hope that if the Septics are training the F35 jockeys that once the QE does eventually get its fixed wing complement the habit hasn't rubbed off!
  9. ROGER THAT, HooRah!
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  10. When watching the select committe meeting on the New Carriers , a couple of weeks ago. Some MP asked the grown ups , about F35 numbers deployed on board in Home waters.....answer was 12. Thought bloody hell a 60, 000 ton flat top, with probably about 6 serviceable aircraft at anyone time.:neutral: Plus the choppers.!!!:angel8:
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  11. C.P.O's doing chocks lol

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  12. CPO AH Bassett would be incandescent with rage :grin:
  13. Thanks for explaining that, lads. [​IMG] The ways of the Septic are largely a mystery to me.
  14. Scouse, would a carrier need more than 12 aircraft embarked in home waters? That's what the crabs are supposed to be covering.
  15. If we listen to the crabs argument we don't need a carrier at all as they profess to be able to respond to any threat world wide!!! Like we know that's the truth!!!!
  16. Also leads to the question .... how many aircraft would be embarked if foreign waters????? Seem to remember during Op Corporate only 12 harriers carried and that certainly wasn't home waters!
  17. The grown ups said up to 40 ....but, they must be looking through the round window, at play school :grin:
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  18. Might have been thinking of the drones, lol ! Could carry a few of those. :laughing3:
  19. Yeah I know I was replying to another post.

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