WTF is this guy on?!?!

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by dogsnaffle, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. This was pointed out to me on ebay by a friend recently and I confess I fair choked on my egg banjo. Is it just me or is this somewhere between civchad and extremely disrespectful?

    There's enough wannabies floating around without giving them a certificate for their fantasy.......or am I missing something?

    If you join me in my angry place, then drop this guy a line and tell him, he's easy to wind up!

    Now, take a deep breath and copy this lot into your address bar.

  2. Ive sent him an interesting message, can't wait for the reply!

    What a loser, in the last few weeks when real heroes have been dying for their country, he's helping this idiots who like to pretend that they are 'heroes'!! (i guess thats why they do it :confused: )
  3. Cheers oppo, sentiment is shared.

    BTW, I note that he uses the AACC flash on some of his products...clearly a well informed cnut.

  4. Likewise, have sent the tit an email. looking forward to reading his defense.
  5. Is this the same knob who is selling Royal Marine Commando rubber wrist bands I noticed a while back. FFS!!!
  6. Roger that.

    Perhaps we can enjoy some of his responses in open forum, try this for starters...

    Thank you for providing permission to respond! Normally I don't respond to drivel particularly when it is driven by a lack of comprehension and in your case a clear lack of any understanding of the purpose of the certificate. Also let us not forget you inability to understand the Queen's English, which you clearly demonstrate in your email. All I need to say further is that you could not be any clearer as to your lack of any understanding in respect to the certificate nor it would seem your ability or lack thereof of being able to read properly!
    AND I am truely amazed at your ability to be abvle to read the displayed certificate on my listing, my, you must be some super 'Marine'!!!

    Go on, let's see 'em...
  7. I see he is somewhat illiterate! Perhaps he got his English qualification as a paying, non-EU student, at one of our universities, now that we know how far their standards appear to have fallen?

    I'm surprised that this sort of thing isn't illegal. Why would any ex-booty want a fake certificate?

    I suspect that he is breaking eBay's strict rules about selling prohibited items. What do you think. See their list via link below.

    Has someone posted this yet on AARSE? They'll give him HELL! :twisted:
  8. Must admit, I didn't even bother to check to see if he also produces certificates for perce, don't really care to be honest, just get v bored of wannabie Royal types and this plays directly into their hands.

    He clearly has his own spin on the English language don't he?



  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Rest assured, for those in the know, that such a certificate produced at an AFCO for someone trying to re-enter service purporting to be a Royal, would be met with guffaws.

    It does after all state on the Ebay advert:

    "This certificate was designed as a novelty item and as a momento of your service in the Royal Marines and is not intended to verify your authenticity to claim operational or any military service. The certificate has no validity in respect to official military service records of any military service. It has been designed to compliment any existing officially issued certificates that you may possess and/or as a further addition to your military memorabilia collection. "
  10. Pity it doesn't say that on the certificate itself!
  11. Looks like he does them for all of the Armed Services and the Police.
    Funny that as I spent many an hour following the Commies about in the early 70's and then spent some time as a Cop'. The only certificates I got were commendations.
    The term 'Airbornespecialforces' makes me think of the Yanks and we all know what toss pots they are.
  12. I can picture it now over the fireplace for all to see.

    Then the questions start. When did you serve tell me about being a Royal.

    Something like the knob in the quarry a few years back watching the climbing blubbering about he used to climb until his accident parachuting when he was a bootie.

    When I informed him I have also jumped from the sky he took a look at his watch and said he had to dash!!!

    You cannot dash out of your own home. Who the feck would buy shite like that.
  13. He's a complete jockey but then i again I want one cos the one Pusser gave me was complete dogs turd but then again it could be career suicide to present it and get pinged but then again Arrrrrrgh!

  14. I'll send you one of my standard versions if you like for half the price,

    "Insert Name Here... works well in wet combats, is usually sober and can tie a bowline in his riflesling, by sending me some money he has demonstrated his commitment and determination and should be revered amongst his friend and bought rounds by impressed idiots in the Chutney Ferret"

    "Just don't ask him to talk about NI, Iraq, Kosovo or Ganners as its just too painful and he prefers to discuss how he gave Ross Kemp a few pointers" etc etc etc
  15. Haha, just got my reply, it makes pretty good reading!!

    Edited for typo!
  16. Fecking irritating smug Ozzy Cnut. Bleats on about the british goverment not keeping the covenant, Fair shout coming from a guy whos country wont let their own troops leave the PX.
    Ive just ordered the SAS certificate of service....
  17. I have a feeling the guys on arsse are gonna have a hard time with this one. Stand by.
  18. Oh I hope so.

    Anyone know how to fill an in box?
  19. He hasn't replied to me! Maybe I shouldn't have offered to kill him........

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