WTF are the Police doing?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Can someone who knows more about the law than me,explain why a gang of Eastern Europeans can jemmy a back door and take over a house while the guy is out shopping?
    The police and council[well they would wouldn't they} say they are powerless!
    Surely forcing a lock on a door is breaking and entering? end of! there can be more more discussion.
    The law is clear so WTF are the police doing not to charge them and if they take as much as a DVD it's burglary or housebreaking I think.
    I'm going on holiday soon and if there are Easterners in my house when I return well! I have 5 sons and the squatters are going out or going down, my son's guarantee it.
    I'll deal with the fallout later.
    What kind of country have we become?
    Can someone tell me why it is not breaking and entering when a lock is forced?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "umin rights innit"

    Get on message mate, it's their country not yours.
  3. It's not "ooman rights", it's a form of adverse possession, a Common Law right found in the majority of legal systems based on our own. By moving into an unoccupied building, and showing that they use the building in the sense it should be used (i.e. living in it, maintaining it), then you can take possession of that building. As it is a civil law matter, until a writ is served by the original owner to a) state ownership of the building and b) evict the squatters, the police cannot interfere. If it's any consolation, the squatters have to be there for 20 years, with no writ served, before they can take possession.

    Before anyone says adverse possession is a stupid idea, consider this - who originally owned the land your house is built on? How do you know it was legally held before someone built on it? Adverse possession stops someone who had a legal claim to a piece of land 200 years ago coming up to you and dispossessing you tomorrow.
  4. That's a bit of a bummer. So, if I am washing my car in the driveway, no-one else at home, some fcuker can break into my house and "LEGALLY" stay there. And if this is the case how does breaking and entering and burglary lawss not come into effect? Somebody breaks down my back door (oooer missus!) they're going to hospital. 8)
  5. Mate, I'm not a solicitor, I'd suggest you'd seek some legal advice on that front!
  6. smith and weston are a very good legal firm
    they get good results around our way
  7. I think Alfred and others are not getting the question posed.Is forcing a lock not breaking and entering? What's the legal answer? and enforceable by law? and why don't the Police prosecute.
    I don't want to fobbed off with Human Rights,The French have expelled a load of Romanians they think are causing problems yet we let East Europeans break in to OCCUPIED houses and the Police won't remove them.
    It's breaking and entering plain and simple.
    How soft can we get? Just back from the pub and this topic is arousing fury amongst the regulars.
    The law is the law,not the police or CPS deciding and cherry picking what may get a good result.
    Break into a house and it's a crime,how many police do we need to see that?
    It ain't the lads on the ground,it's the university fast tracked high echelons that are doing this like the former Ian Blair[or both Blairs]
    Ranting on a bit I know but it makes me mad when we are ,or seem weak as it will be exploited as the Travellers do now with illegal pitches on the green belt.
  8. How does the law define 'unoccupied'? If a fellow isn't in the property for a period, but it is listed as his place of residence can the police not call the building 'occupied' and take appropriate action?

    I don't know a lot about law, as its generally a strange subject to me with lots of 'ifs' and 'buts' and seemingly non sequiturs like "possession is nine points of the law", etc. Can anyone on the forums explain?

  9. The way that the illegal or iunlawful entry is acheived is to pretend that the house has been let or rented to you by a supposed ''estate agent '' . Locks are changed by the '''letting agent'' and the new tenants take the house 'flat or whatever as a legal let .

    However when the original tenant /owner arrives he is locked out -no
    way of repossessing untill he organises a court order to evict the new occupiers and proves he is the legal owner or tenant
    All takes time and usually by the time the court order is processed the house contents have beeen stolen and the previous 'tenants have disappeared !

    Wonderful -- suggest you all get fcukin big man eater watch dogs to stay in the house to prevent intruders when you go out !

  10. I don't think that this is Adverse Possession.

    The Land Registration Act 2002 specifies a minimum period of 10 years occupation.
  11. I thought unoccupied meant empty, as in not even a tea cup in the house, if it is being habited then it has to be unlawful entry.

    On another note, wait till that bloke at No42 goes on holiday, I'm in's a brilliant gaff, better than my flat.
  12. It begs the question,as in my case,what happens if you are connected up to an alarm system to the local nick/security firm whatever?
    They are bound to respond and evict any trespassers/burglars crackheads who have just forced entry,if not I'll cancel my contract with them.
    To many grey areas for me,I thought it was a clear cut question but it seems not the case.
    I'll drop it as there is no clear cut answer it seems, thanks anyway.
    Which famous writer stated "The Law is an Ass"? more so now within the EU.
    I suspect we are moving quickly from our English Common Law used by most of the Western World to Napoleonic Law used and forced thru by France.
  13. <<The phrase "the law is an ass" originates in Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, when the character Mr. Bumble is informed that "the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction". Mr. Bumble replies "If the law supposes that ... the law is a [sic] ass—a idiot. If that's the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience—by experience.">>

    SF - Calls to mind that old joke:

    Q Do you like Dickens?

    A Dunno, I aint been to one yet.
  14. That would be Oscar Wilde
  15. FAIL :twisted:
  16. I respectfully disagree: Here, here and here.
  17. Ok try

    Charles Dickens then, it's one of them Victorian writers !!
  18. Sol - the 10 year clock has got to start somewhere! There are a few houses near me which are squatted in, no-one know who the original owner is, but the guys living there are perfectly decent, keep the garden in check etc: I've no doubt they'll be making a claim for adverse possession at some point.

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