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  1. hi
    When you start phase 2 training do you get to choose which job title to specialise in such as.

    and what is involved in (AWW) Because the royal navy website is confusing
    Thanks Matt
  2. I don't really have the answer mate, but whilst we're on the subject; are there any opportunities for Warfare Specialists to serve with Cdo units?
  3. im with a cdo unit. And i would say there are very few chances. War on the ground is very different to war sat in the ops room.

    But there are ANY AB drafts. For things such as driving etc. But these are short term things (The length of a tour) rather than a proper draft.

    I was also under the impression you didnt get to choose your specialisation. You got your basic WS training at collingwood. Got drafted off to HMS Whatever and then the depco there decided where he needed you most.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You are trained as a generic Warfare Specialist in phase two training, you are no longer streamed AWW or AWT.

    From the RN Website;

    "As a Warfare Specialist, you will specialise in running the computers in the ship’s operations room – the hub of day-to-day operations. Your job is to operate the systems that build up a picture of all the various surface vessels, aircraft and submarines surrounding the ship. You will also be plotting positions of importance such as land masses or air lanes.
    You will also be part of the team that loads weapons systems and makes sure that they engage a target correctly. As an expert in weapons safety, you will ensure that crucial safety procedures which protect the ship and its crew are carried out.

    Everyone on board a ship is part of a team, so we need people who are not afraid to muck in. As well as the exciting times, there are, as with any job, the everyday routine duties that involve cleaning, maintaining and keeping the ship safe from fire or damage.

    After you have got some experience, you can specialise further by becoming an expert in one of the following:

    • Above-water warfare – identifying threats from ships, aircraft and land.

    • Underwater warfare –assessing the ship’s position in relation to submarines and mines.

    • Electronic warfare – monitoring the ship’s surveillance systems and intercepting signals.

    A practical and self-disciplined specialist who gathers and interprets information about a ship’s surroundings, operating the weapons and defensive systems."

    Presumably you have heard otherwise from someone currently serving- it's changed.

    As has been stated, very few & far between unless you happen to be working with the Royal Marines assault squadrons whilst drafted to HMS Ocean, Bulwark or Albion. then you may work alongside as part of ship or on boats, you will not normally be drafted to a Commando unit, unless there's the odd WS billet working on the landing craft at Poole.

    There is little point spending thousands of pounds training someone to operate ship sensors & weapons systems only to employ them ashore. The best way of serving with a Commando unit is by joining as a Royal Marine.
  5. Matt, Which bit of that web site was too confusing? :scratch:

    Sorry, Ninja, I couldn't resist :dwarf:

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