ws TSM waiting times.

Hi everyone, this is my first post on these forums but come on regular for a read. I originally started my application on the 26th November2010 for warfare specialist tactical submariner, I got told that the waitinglist was 25 month and have now been waiting about 22 month. i rang my afco andhe told me i will be going to Raleigh about May 2013 which takes me up to 31month of waiting (this is just a rough estimate). Was just wondering if this isabout right and if anyone going in for the same job had been told anything different.

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I take it you don't believe the CA at the AFCO then!, I'd change your user name in case he's on here and you piss him off if I were you.
I received a date for basic a couple of months ago ( My date is in January ), for TSM, but i applied all the way back in June 2010.
You are just going to have to wait mate, but once you have a date, time seems to fly by.

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