WS or Painter Decorater?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just been browsing the forum for insider info on whats involved being a WS, I have read the RN careers site into the ground and am very sure that WS is for me, however alot of people have been saying it involves all the painting onboard and chipping, I thought the SS were the painters and the chefs were the chippers, I'm not afraid of hard work and painting just wanna know how much if any is in store for me?

    thanks in advance


    would I look like a cock if I wore a Royal Navy watch, I need a good watch before I join, its this one..
  2. Cruiz

    Re the watch, you would be better off with something cheaper and perhaps of a simpler design.
  3. Is that because I will get the piss taken out of me or are you just trying to save me money?
  4. I think that you might well get the mickey taken.

    If I am really honest, I can't see anything in the substance of the watch which merits a price of £125.

    I don't think that a brightly decorated watch with little gizmos all over it will serve you particularly well. You don't need a watch which needs looking at carefully when you need to know the time.

    Other RumRationers will have other ideas. Wait and see what they say.

    PS It's "Decorator". :)
  5. i had a feeling i would be a target with the watch, and you are right i will get something a bit more practical

    p.s thats me failing the RT lol i can usually spell decorator ;-)
  6. Buy a decent watch for runs ashore and a cheapy for work (bog standard Timex or whatever). I've bust, lost or just knackered more watches onboard than I care to think about.

    Edited to add the shinier it is the more likely it is to go "missing"
  7. cruizmunro

    Have a good look at some of these:


    :idea: Two or three of different colours may be worn in lieu of those medals you seem to be hankering after.
  8. Just remember to quote your views when you join your first ship, I'm sure members of the Supply and Secretariat branch onboard will laugh roundly and welcome you warmly!!!!!!
  9. Like the rest of the Warfare branch you'll do roughly 2-3 hours on your part of ship (cleaning/ greasing/ chipping/ painting/ loafing) every day at sea, and it'll be your normal day-to-day job alongside. This is based on my experience on a carrier.

    TBH I didn't mind part of ship, albeit I only did it for 6 months.

    Do yourself a favour and don't wear that watch, unless you fancy being nicknamed throbber :wink:
  10. thanks southlancs, I really don't mind doing abit of all that business just wanted to know what to expect beforehand, what is greasing and loafing btw?

  11. :roll:

    Cruizero - Continuing to ask such bone questions will only lead you straight to COTW, without passing Go.

    Dwell a few pauses and think on.
  12. Everytime I read a thread where someone wanting to be a WS asks abone questions or questions I die a little.
  13. I don't mean to ask "bone" questions, I figured that greasing would be greasing things and loafing would be lazing about, but I've heard all sorts of odd names for everyday things being used on the forum I was just making sure. You know it makes sense
  14. You will find that the navy use odd terms for many things. However, cock, and mong maintain there definitions.

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