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Hi all,

I am currently at the stage of the PRNC and have applied as a warfare specialist, my careers adviser rung me the other day asking if i would like to become an engineer as I have the score for this branch I said I would think about it....

I need your help do I stay as WS or change to ETWE this is something I am very interested to hear from you guys to help me out on this one.... I have read all the forums on here of both branches just wanted to hear personal opinions on the branch? day to day life? Phase 2 training etc....

cheers guys :)
I am an old chap now, but I passed the exams for Artificer, found out it was a lot of 'school work' and as I hated school, binned it and joined up as a Seaman. Nothing wrong with that - I had a great time. However, I was under utilised. So I transferred to WE and long story short, 23 years later left as a Chief Tiff WE.

Cut out the middle man and go for ETWE now. Apart from anything else, it will give you some good skills for later on.
WS doesn't earn technical, transferrable qualifications. ET(WE) does.

The most vocal Warfare Specs drip like ten about the menial aspects of the job, as though they are the only.people that keep watches, work on the upperdeck, clean stuff and paint stuff.

The rest of the RN, Warfare Specs included, just get on with it but the noisy ones tend to be those heard the most.
I was a WE when I joined but ended up an ME ( long story but EBD says it all!), I would always advise those with the ability/inclination to go for a technical branch, including AET.

At the end of the day though, what are YOU interested in.

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