Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ChrisA, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all - first post on these forums,

    After passing the selection test I was invited for the interview on 18th April. Before we started, the CPO said he'd been looking at my application and asked if I still wanted to join as a Warfare Specialist. He explained that I'd scored very high in the aptitude tests and probably wouldn't find that particular career very challenging - one of the main reasons I want to join the RN.

    Up until then I was under the impression that life as a WS was very mentally challenging - fast paced work in a high-pressure environment - it seems I was wrong. After a long (and extremely useful) conversation where I had a lot more explained to me than I'd read in Navy careers literature, we both agreed that I'd be better suited to a career as a CIS Specialist. The interview was rescheduled for Tuesday 24th to give me time to re-prepare.

    Now I'm having second thoughts. After reading more about the job, I can't see how it's any more demanding than WS, or is it? The CPO reassured me that I'd slot in well as a CIS Specialist.

    Can anyone briefly summarise the differences? Anyone currently/previously served in either of these two roles?

    Also, does anyone know how each role in the Warfare branch is "graded" (ie. which requires the least and the most at the selection test)?
  2. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Speaking only from the CIS(SM) sub-specialisation, you will be expected to carry out a job which is always in the eyes of the command (if they can't communicate with their superiors, they're stuffed!). The job also demands a lot of forethought and consistently high standards of english language and ever more technical skills, particularly as the role of IS administration moves away from the WE maintainers and moves to the CIS specialists. If you want to move into a branch which is going through a lot of change (I would argue it's for the better), then you can't go far wrong with CIS.
  3. And it has started already

    On the type 45's they cant start the engines without involving the IS desk in the Ops room

    The death of MCO's has begun
  4. Looks like I'm joining at the right time then!

    We visited the Albion a couple of weeks ago, apart from our guide being from a completely different branch (and giving a rubbish tour!) it was quite interesting seeing what I'd actually be doing onboard. Definately made the right decision in changing to CIS.

    Can't believe I made that post back in April, time really has flown.
  5. when are you joining? and when do you think you will be at Collingwood?
  6. Check my sig. :thumright:

    Will be at Collingwood sometime after that. Some of the WS guys are being held over at Raleigh though due to full courses - might happen to me as well.
  7. yeah i just checked your posting history

    i think an AB(CIS) course started 2 weeks ago over at Bryson hall, so you might be alright, i can try and check availability for the future courses and start dates, if you like

    I'm leaving Collingwood on the 30th November for pastures new, taking over as the MILOPS PO at Forest Moor then onto a Type 42 or the Illustrious

    so i could even be your Boss - so stay safe :whew:

    If you do get the Albion i know 2 of the Petty officers on there and the CPO(CIS) - all good guys, the CPO on the Albion is Johnny B****, he should have met the CIS's when you embarked

    When you arrive at Collingwood 1 of your comms man instructors might be PO(CIS) **********, she is very effective and will be a good instructor

    Enjoy your last 20 days at Raleigh, the hard work is about to begin :thumright:

    MOD Edit: Persec, please don't use names of serving personnel in current billets. Thanks.
  8. there is a LCIS phase 2 leading hand over in Bryson hall

    LCIS S****** - good girl, try to keep on her good side and you wont go wrong

    MOD Edit: Persec chaps. Ta.
  9. Cool, when is the next start date? Would be very interested!

    Although it was interesting, I wouldn't like to serve on the Albion, too old! I want a Type 42 or 23 in that order.

    So you're a POCIS? What has your career been like so far? How long did promotion take?

  10. Albion too old :rambo:

    42's are in their twenties and 23 are around twelve plus

    i was a 3 badge AB, but that was my choice

    i enjoyed Scotland, Minesweepers and my wife. So there wasnt anything that could make me promote myself

    I joined the Navy as a Radio Operator in 1990 and stayed that way until 2003 when i had to promote myself to stay in Scotland, then i became a Leading radio operator and i stayed that way until April this year when everybody became part of the CIS branch - the squashed moth died

    As for my choices, they were good for me and i wouldnt change anything, my promotion from LRO - PO(CIS) was pretty quick to be honest, some people i joined up with are CPO's and WO's now :hockey:

    Promotion is good as the branch is short of LCIS, but i personally like people to have some experience, i would quite happily listen to an experienced AB as much as i would listen to a Junior LCIS and to be honest the quality thats coming through right now isnt great and Mercury are aware of this and monitoring the situation

    Also try and get a draft to a Minesweeper - the wealth of knowledge and confidence you would gain is incredible

    the last big ship i had was in 1993 onboard HMS Newcastle (Type 42)

    edit: i will speak to LCIS S******* and find out future AB(CIS) course dates and try and get back to you
  11. I managed to speak to the P2GWO and she mentioned that its unlikely you will be held over

    she was a wee bit annoyed you never asked your WO for that information, but i wasnt sure if you did or didnt - so i couldnt comment

    she is a lovely lady

    i left Collingwood today for pastures new, i will be joining the deathstar as the network administrator in July, Now i just have to enjoy the 7 months of courses that i've been given after Chrimbo leave
  12. Thanks for enquiring.

    We were given our start dates for Phase 2 yesterday, before that noone at Raleigh knew who would be held over and who's be starting immediately - I'll be starting the following Monday. :w00t:

    Good luck with the new post!
  13. how has Collingwood been so far old chap?

    when i was doing evening rounds as part of my duties as Bryson/Inglefield leading hand some of the CIS's there didnt like it as much as they thought it was going to be

    seemed to be far too many exams and alot of paperwork :)

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