Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ps772, Jul 10, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to join as a WS HM, can anyone enlighten me as to what this role in the Royal Navy involves? Is it all environment and surveying or is there more included in the role? I have a vague idea of what they do, and I'm pretty keen to join as a WS HM, but I'd just like a bit more of an understanding before I go in.

    Also, I noticed it has an estimated 3 year waiting time, is this because they take on very few to this rating or is it because there's so many people wanting to doing it?

    Thank you
  2. Thanks, that's some good info.

    Where it says "This puts you right at the heart of submarine warfare, where your information will help ‘friendly’ submarines to hide..."

    This job was listed under surface fleet, is that implying I could serve on a submarine?
  3. No, this is not implying that you could serve on a submarine. Oceanography on submarines falls under the remit of the WS SSM branch.
  4. I am guessing that there is a 36 month waiting list for this role because you have to spend 12 months in a Royal Naval air station.. or am I wrong? not sure if it is included..
  5. The "36 month wait" is simply the estimated gap between the day on which the candidate sits the RT and the day on which he/she starts Basic Training at HMS Raleigh.
  6. oh I thought the wait was from when the candidate sits the tests too estimated time of a deployment..
  7. No... :cry:
  8. The 36 month wait is from the date of passing the RT and starting basic training.

    Also, only Meteorologists spend the first 12 months on an air base, Hydrographers do not. This 12 months on an air base is in effect your first job/deployment.
  9. but its still the same wait for the Hydrographer's isnt it?
  10. haha...this thread is going round and round in circles...its a 36 month wait for ws hm...this is an estimated time from when you sit the RT until your starting date for hms raleigh...meteorligists and hydrographers will both have the same waiting time as they both are one job role...i presume you choose what you do in phase 2...correct me if im wrong
  11. Is that 36 months at the outside? And is it any quicker becoming a WS SSM? Do the FAA have WS FAAs? 8)
  12. yes, maybe, no

    i think
  13. i think so too, but then again, arg ;)
  14. Correct, the 36month wait is for both Hydrographers and Meterologists. The wait is the estimated waiting time from sitting and passing the RT to starting basic training. You then get allocated to either H (Hydrography) or M (Meterology) during phase 1 training. You will be asked your preference of which way you want to go, but service needs will dictate which way you go.

    I would suggest looking on the royal navy website for more info regarding each job here there should also be a fact sheet available on there, if not, your AFCO will have one and on the training here

    I'll warn you now, it is a long wait, I have been waiting nearly 18 months so far with no end in sight, but, if like me, it is what you really want, then you will wait.
  15. Do not join one branch because it is quicker thinking you can transfer, you cannot. Info on all the jobs available can be found here
  16. i am a POA(METOC), and as such work with WS(HM) as the branch was formed by amalgamating METOC and SR's. Happy to offer any advice to questions you may have.
  17. Can't wait until I finally get into your position!
  18. Then don't.

    Simply cease washing, eat seventeen Frey Bentos pies off the bat, swamp yourself, cut all ties with any friends you may have, attend Bisley and tell everyone you are SF, put a picture of yourself holding your gat on your door, take up world of warcraft and start manking about ever having to do any sea time.

    Hey presto, PO Metoc.
  19. Good grief, the golly's back.

    Welcome back, you've been missed.


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