WS courses all booked up?

Hi everyone,

I was talking to others waiting for WS on the RN recruitment page when somebody who is in the RN commented saying that all WS courses are booked up for the next 3 years.

I started my application August 2010 and my waiting list was 32 months and when I phoned my AFCO earlier this month they said it had not changed. I am a little confused now because does this mean that I am on one of the courses that has been booked in the next 3 years or does this mean I will be waiting a hell of a lot longer?

I am still waiting for my entry date so any help would be really appreciated.
I thought they were running a trial with moneys to see if they could sit on the plot and paint better than your average dabber. Currently the trial is going well and all sub humans they currently have in the ops room are going to be sacked as a cost saving exercise. Thats the rumour that is going around anyway.
Wait until your in before you start believing rumours! Then as soon as you pass through the gates of Raleigh you will be allowed to start your own!
Heard today at Collingwood it's gone up to 10 years

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