WS AACC possibility?


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I've been reading that the AACC is largely a course which sailors are placed on only if their role requires it some years into their career.
With this in mind, is it likely that a WS would have this opportunity, and if so is there a particular path to take - AWW/BWW?
Or is it unlikely that a WS would need to be Commando trained?

Any info appreciated people.


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I would say it's very unlikely that a WS would be commando trained, if you aspire to a green lid, go RM.


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Those in the RN, aspiring to join Special Forces usually undertake AACC due to the otherwise absence of fieldcraft skills acquired through Naval training which puts them at a disadvantage. By contrast, Royal Marines, who number less than 3% of the UK Armed Forces, make up 37% of UKSF.

You will see very few Warfare Specialists with a green beret, as alluded above. You occasionally see the odd MA (I use the word 'odd' intentionally), Bubblehead, maybe an AET, NA(AH) working with CHF, possibly even the occasional ET(ME) or WE working within 3 Commando Brigade. You'll often see RN Docs, Schoolies & Bishes with a green beret, for some reason, and the odd Warfare Officer, but Warfare Spec - rarely.

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