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Wrong Ship

Mid 1960s Lion and Tiger both alongside in Gib an LREM from Lion gets aboard the wrong ship (poor gangway crew), gets his head down under the mess table. Wakes up somewhat the worst for wear; legs in round to the mole just in time to watch the flag go up the stick. The Command was up for colours hears the tale being told to the MAA and found the incident amusing and let our wander off.
There's also the story of a certain sprog WAFU who was reported AWOL when the ship sailed, only to be found 3 days later working in the laundry coz he was from ethnic origin.

The tale is legendary and is funny as fek when he tells you it himself.
This was a regular occurance in Dolphin and Faslane where three or more D/E boats of the same class can be tied up at a trot together. In this case the sport was positvely encouraged by the forward mess.

Strange bods would emerge from a pit as we sailed out of Pompey still in their civvies or 8ts and little else. Another bod for the watch bill until he could get off and face the wrath of his own Captain.

On Work Up in Faslane with a Oz boat circa 1970, kidnapping and ransom of a crate of beer for a junior crew member was not unknown. Transfer bow to bow out in the Clyde areas would get you back to the right boat.

When i did OP LANGAR in East TImor we were getting recovered from shore by the Lynx. The pilot lined up and started to land on the back of GLASGOW - and then realised it was an Australian ship when we were about 2 feet off the deck and looking at a very suprised Aussie. Not sure quite how many crates is costs to get your helicopter back.
Two stories

1. paddy O'sullivan killick chockhead in Gib was on Illustrious, on the other side of the Harbour was Invinc, he got shit faced & kipped on Invinc, he got off just before the sailed.

2. On detachment to RFA Olna, seaking marshalled towards flightdeck for some reason he didn't obey the director, & landed perfectly on the helo spot. Only trouble was it was a lynx spot & half the seaking have stuck over the arse end of the ship.
Fast I have every seen an aircrewman open the door & leg it off the deck.

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