Wrong kind of white

So, discriminated against for being a native inhabitant in your own country.

Discrimination is discrimination, end of dit.

It is this sort of policy that drives people into the arms of the extremist political parties.
I am Scottish and this embarrasses me. This is racism pure and simple. I can just picture the outcry if the advert said whites only.

Finally I am to be considered as a minority - White Irish!! My llife just got even better. I am assured of promotion steps on time, access to housing at public expense, no end of benefits, allowances and courses and best of all, a chance for employment with the environmental agency!!

Seriously though - it's ironic to see the Environmental Agency polluting our lives with this kind of garbage policy making.

What is more saddening, is that these rules are being made to work by PC, pop music, social studies degree carrying white English/British people.
The excuse given about giving a minority person at a job they wouldn't normally get is ludicrous........................Arrghhhhhhhhh Bollicks! :pukel:
Absolute crock of shite. Hope whoever wrote that advert gets fired for positive discrimination and the Agency loose the account
Are these policies being adopted/enforced in Scotland, Ireland and Wales where a White English applicant would be in the minority?
Reality check required on that one I'm afraid mikh. Not everyone is as "talented" in devising employment regulation as these bods so obviously are.

mikh said:
Are these policies being adopted/enforced in Scotland, Ireland and Wales where a White English applicant would be in the minority?
I can safely say I have never seen or heard of this happening in Scotland.



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mikh said:
Are these policies being adopted/enforced in Scotland, Ireland and Wales where a White English applicant would be in the minority?
Is there a formula to determine the ratio of White/English, White/Irish, White/Welsh and White/Scottish that constitutes an applicants racial mix? I have a number of great-great grandparents (and earlier) from backgrounds other than England (and I'd hazard a guess that this affects many other "English" too). When will the trendy lefty bleeding heart liberals realise that the "U" in the UK stands for United and that people move around - any distinction between English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish in terms of racial/ethnic background is academic; while there may well be a difference in attitudes based on current political winds, in terms of ethnic mix, we're one small melting pot that has been well stirred over the years!
What a field of shite.

Jobs should be recruited for in this order BRITISH first, then fcuking other!!

What wankfaced hypocritical politico determined that there are differing kinds of fcuking white?
Standard_Bearer said:
White English will soon be an ethnic minority if the PC brigade have their way and give Our Country over to the brown english :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :tp:
Any facts to back up this comment?
Time for a colourblind attitude to recruitment, this is illegal under Equality laws anyway. With national papers reporting on stories like this fairly regularly, the only group that will benefit is the BNP, a complete disaster for everyone.
icantfly said:
Besides, who in their right mind would turn her down for a job?!
Good point, wonder if she is any good at dictation... (awaiting incoming for such a crass sexist comment)

Job Agencies are scum of the earth, they have the final say as to who does or does not get put forward for next stage (talking from experience), if i was her I would try applying directly.
This kind of thing does'nt surprise me in the least.

Up until a few years ago, I regularly enquired about joining the Fire Brigade but was told each time "sorry not recruiting at the moment" blah blah blah......
Anyway, I've got a friend (who's got a friend) in the fire service who passed him an application pack and told him to tick the ethnic minority box when he sends it in.
Now, you should realise that my mate is white british, but would easily pass for an ethnic of sorts, due to his general appearance (his great gramps was Egyptian).
So; he did what he was told to (this was only approx 2 years ago), and within a month, he was invited to an interview and fitness test, and was eventually accepted. :pukel:
Ironically, he decided not to take with the job.

Just goes to show you does'nt it?
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