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Can anyone help with these abbreviations on my Great Aunts service record? I am writing some background info for her daughter.

8 Jul 42 Wren (?) Std (O). I know she was an Officer's Steward, but does what is in the brackets mean something?

8 Jul 43 Wren H.G?.R. (might be H.a.R or H.Q.R?) first aniversary of service, what could this mean?

28 Aug 44 Does the $ sign mean anything. This was just before she went to France.

Any help gratefully received.


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Welcome to Rum Ration, HMAFV!

There are some really good historians on Rum Ration who will no doubt offer very informative replies later.

I've glanced at this quickly; the one thing I can say is that I think that the letter after the word Wren on the first line is a "G".


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I will ask the WW2 wren thats in our RNA,she still has her service docs,maybe some resemblance to those terms on hers


Could "Wren(G)" be Wren - General Duties? "Std.(O)" could be an extra comment to specify that she was an officer's steward.


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Re the rank listing on the service record:

The top one is Officers Steward. The 2nd one is Quarters Rating (maintained/upkeep of the WRNS quarters).

Hope this helps.


Edited to add source information: Research Dept. IWM.
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