WRNS Uniform



They don't come in such monstrous sizes. We have a strict fitness code in the RN. You'll have to stop eating pies and try again. Sorry.
I recently got back in touch (through a reunion) with an ex-wren that I served with at Mercury. She was in the WRNS for 4½ years and was forced to hand all her kit back upon discharge from Pompey barracks. Absolutely everything, even her shoes, which she too-late realised she'd actually paid for herself when her issued pair wore out!! Even her blue kit bag, Wrens handbag and 2 lids had to be handed back. She's quite sad about it now, because the only things that she's still got are the 5 cap ribbons from her drafts (which include Raleigh & Mercury from her training). Buying it all back again from Ebay wouldn't really be the same thing.
And here's me, after all these years, with about 90% of my kit still in my possession, sitting in my kitbag in my mum's loft. Well, last time I looked, anyway........

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