written confirmation for RNAC and Basic Training

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GuyC, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. I've been booked onto RNAC (October) and been informed I have start date for HMS Raleigh (3rd Jan).

    But to date I have received zero confirmation in writing of any of this, only what I've been informed over the telephone.

    As I'm sure many, if not all of you are excited about what is due to come in the coming months and years ahead of us in the RN.

    I would dearly love something in writing confirming this, so I can hold and see in black and white that its actually happening.

    When I spoke to my CA at the AFCO she advised me I wont get anything through till a few weeks before each of those courses. Yet I've read on here that several people received written confirmation a few days after hearing they got a start date.

    Is this something that differs from career office to career office, or am I missing something!?
  2. I received my RNAC letter about a month ago (which starts October 12th) and I received my Joining date letter yesterday (for joining in Feb). I haven't had any discussions with my AFCO on the phone.
  3. :roll: No probs take steam iron/ ironing board,and Mum along, and ask for an extra Pillow. ( Retention Retention) :lol: :lol: Ask for leave when you arrive their :wink: from your new very nice best friend D.O. 8)
  4. Don't forget how soon you can leave to join a diffrent Navy.
  5. I start on the 13th of sept and i got my comfirmation letter about 6 weeks ago
  6. Cheers matt, leading on from that, when were you advised of your start date, assuming longer than 6 weeks ago.
  7. I think it was end of may not 100% though i did get told i would be looking at an july entry but then got letter for sept 13th.

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