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Writing a book


War Hero
Chico...Keep writing.... I am particularly looking forward to reading the chapter where you find the Golden Rivet o_O
He wants to be a bootie?? And there was me thinking he was wanting to be a matelot. SPB - could you not send him to the buffer for a long weight?

I believe I may have sussed Chico. His real name is Andy McNabb and all this is just research for his new book "Bravo, Three Mike Mess, you get the cake for Captain's Rounds"


War Hero
Book Reviewer
PinkMafiosi said:
He wants to be a bootie?? And there was me thinking he was wanting to be a matelot. SPB - could you not send him to the buffer for a long weight?...

Tried it, but he keeps coming back; he follows me around like a fart in a 'phonebox... 8O :oops:


Lantern Swinger
My brother, an ex two ringer Junglie pilot, is writing a trilogy, the first book has already been published and is called :-

"The Osiris Revelations" ISBN0-9551886-0-1

The second "The Basition Proecutor" is on the press
Richie said:
My brother, an ex two ringer Junglie pilot, is writing a trilogy, the first book has already been published and is called :-

"The Osiris Revelations" ISBN0-9551886-0-1

The second "The Basition Proecutor" is on the press

Please tell me you don't proof read for him.
I thought Chigo was joining up as a Junior Crusher, having secured a special visit to the Regulators Grot on Bulwark last month. Now he wants to be a bootie. Seriously worrying. Now look Chico, I suggest you consider becoming a deck hand on one of HM Submarines, preferably one that hasn't gone missing. If you're lucky you'll become Captain of the Heads (if Nutty lets you, that is - this hereditary title has been accorded to the head of the Heads for many generations, you so may need to get your heads together to work out a compromise - and pay Nutty the royalties due).

Now to continue the ghost written autobiography of Chico...

Chicogiz: Life in a Blue Suit - Memoirs of a Junior Rum Rationer


Sixty Years ago, back in 2007, I took the bold step of dispensing with my civvies (jeans, t-shirt and trainers), letting go of mummy's hand and entered the big wide world of hyperspace. Donning a blue suit, heavy, hard, shiny pusser boots and a flat topped lid, I joined HMS Rum Ration for my Pre-Nozzer introductory training under the wing of Sgtpepperband, a kindly Crusher with a glint in his (glass) eye. It was there where I debated my options. At first I thought I should be a Seaman and learn ropework, clean ship routines and whether to salute with my right arm or left, as I am left-footed, but then I fancied life beneath the oggin in a white sweater and never having to wash again. O how sick was I of mum and dad telling me to take a weekly bath and wash behind my ears. But then it dawned on me that I would spend long days underwater alone with lots of men, not the girls I lusted after, so I decided to apply to join the second best thing to the Submarine Service and become a booty. I longed to strip naked beneath the full moon with padded-mats rolled up around my arms and engage in mortal homoerotic combat with other blokes.... [Ed: shume mistake surely??!!] ...crawling in the mud and sharing a sleeping bag with Blobbs mates: the riverbank voles looking for a cosy night in.

Chapter One - Dreaming about Life in/on/beneath/berthed alongside the Drink.

I lay in my pit beneath the glowstars on the bedroom ceiling, surrounded by posters of Blobbs in his Wren Officer outfit, drooling over those sexy legs, when I suddely got the idea that I wanted to be a sailor. I logged into my dad's PC and Googled using the search terms: "Royal Navy" +sailors and was transported to a site called Rum Ration: The Official site of the Unofficial Royal Navy, and was welcomed onboard my my new Cyber Sea Dad, Sgtpepperband, who said................
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