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Writing a book to raise money for Help for Heroes


I'm putting together a book of first-hand accounts about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from 1990 to the present. Proceeds are going to the charity Help for Heroes. I know that serving men and women might have problems with the MoD regarding submitting material, but if anyone is just about to leave the service or who knows ex-service personnel who might be interested in sharing their experiences, I would like to hear from them.

Please visit

for further info on the book.


War Hero
From the website:

When it is published, for every copy sold monies will be contributed towards the charity "Help for Heroes".

There's a bit of a difference between "writing a book for a charity" and "contributing money (unspecified amount) from a books sales to charity". The later is a commercial enterprise that gives some of the profits to charity, the former is charity.

If all the profits (after the publishing house wet their fingers) are going to help the heroes then you should probably make that a little bit clearer on your website. If a proportion of the profits are going to help the heroes you should probably make that clearer here.

If it's all charity - good luck with your endeavour!


The quote on your website

'When it is published, for every copy sold monies will be contributed towards the charity "Help for Heroes".

Can you be more specific about 'monies'


Good point about monies.
Here is a breakdown of the costs:
The book will retail at £9.95, but for the sake of simplicity let's say £10.00

For ever copy sold the retailer (such as WH Smith) will take 50% of the cover price = £5.00
The distributors' slice (getting it into retail outlets etc) will take 10% of the cover price = £1.00
Printing costs will account for approx £2.50 per copy (as the book will contain colour photographs and the first print run will be fairly low)
The Publisher's costs equate to approx 10% = £1.00 per copy.

That leaves 50p, to be split evenly between me and Help for Heroes. If the book is subsequently reprinted the print and Publisher's costs will be far lower, and thus the charity will receive more.


Fcuk that , when I get the effing H4H site to work I can donate without enriching WHS.Why not publish the book on line and let the fund get all the money?


TimeToJoinUp said:
It's because he won't make any money for himself that way.

Well fcuk that . I hereby solemnly promise that if anyone wants to send me the dits that i will put them together into a PDF that anyone can download and print and I will donate £20 to H4H for the privilege of doing so. What do you all say?


PS I don't mean that everyone should pay 20 escudos,any few shekels will do.As publisher I have to pay more :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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