Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by wheelspanna, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. With JPA now up and running , should all writers be finished and their pay re-distributed to the rest of us who actually do something.
  2. Whoaaa, there spanner boy!

    Hang on, this is a bite, innit?
  3. fair one spanna what do they actually do even when you ask them for help they dont know what to do
  4. Ok, I have been out for 12 years, and things have changed, but do you really think the only things that writers (or whatever they are called now) do is pay. FFS, the longest hours i ever worked as a scribes had nothing to do with pay or cash, little point for you to remember spanner, Blue Card does not mean 8 to 5, but work as required.

    there you go I bit, happy now
  5. Bugger.
  7. EASY EASY EASY EASY :salut:
  8. Knew I should not have posted, but theres no biccies at work, and I have to go to a 'strategic partners' pre-meeting meeting today. Fecking Meeting about a Meeting, fffs
  9. Just what we used to say about Dabtoes when the S&S crewed the Gunbay, Magazine and Shell Rooms, not forgetting the old missile launchpad (seacat ?) on the Cherry B...

  10. Ha-ha!! Experience wins again......not mine though...'cos I'm (relatively) young and skin.
  11. Or when the RAS party closes up and the only dabber in sight is the Buffer. Or the S+S are all doing Watch on Deck for 6 months deployed because they can't get a Dabber to stay in the Navy for longer than it takes to put his notice in.

    Oh shit. I bit too.
  12. its too easeh isnt it wheels matey peeps
  13. of course you get paid, your one of the brotherhood
  14. as long as my lads are sorted
  15. Shouldn't you and spanna be playing with your subs?
  16. Light blue touch paper and.......

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