Writers - end of the line?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Clouseau, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. Now I've (nearly) got JPA and I've been word processing my own letters for years will we be shortly saying goodbye to the Writer Branch?
  2. No we still need them to do paperwork when JPA doesn't work :roll:
  3. But JPA will work. They said so. :roll:

  4. Has anyone else heard the warning to keep back approx. 1 months pay in case/when the JPA comes on line and Fcuks everything up? Apparently we can all expect up to 3 months of pay turbulence!
  5. Realistically there shouldn't be a requirement to do this. You should always be able to draw on the emergency payment system if you get nothing.

    My understanding is that main salary has been relatively trouble-free. It's all the additional allowances such as Flying Pay, etc which have been affected. I suppose this means that the Sun Dodgers and WAFU's amongst us need to plan accordingly.

    What's the implementation date again (haven't seen anything official about it out here).

    SF (always an optimist)
  6. SF ref the salary, did you hear 4000-ish crabs didn't recieve their pay at all for a period after they ot JPA? I know that glitch should have been sorted, but...?

    Energency payments, or so we have been told have only been guarenteed up to 50% of your monthly wage.
  7. Christ on a bike!! Didn't know that one.

    So when is it coming in then? (haven't got access to the system)

  8. Urban (military) Myth
  9. Score is one for and one against! Anyone care to cast the deciding vote and I still want to know when it's coming in (last I heard was July but was delayed).


  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    23rd October I think.... I'll check later this evening (aka late tonight for UK residents).
  11. Just one little question, many civilian companies willcompensate employees for additional costs caused by systematic cock ups in pay, ie if you pay goes in late and there are bank charges as a result you can claim those charges back. You have a contractual right to be paid on the due day, failure to do so is brreach of contract and compensation can be sought.

  12. Instead of being paid £1,500 for a months work when the new JPA came in my better half got paided the grand total of £1.50 one month and £150 the next, that was 6 months ago and his pay still isn't 100% right
  13. Deep joy all round then. So much to look forward to.

    I have a feeling that my Mr Angry head is going to be needed.

  14. Nicely hijacked thread....

    And what of the writer branch?
  15. Ref comments on J NO PAY not working for the crabs - that was because very few had undertaken the e-learning package that should be available to all on the MoD Intranet...somewhere.
    Ref comments that it'll work on day 1 - the Nazis did propaganda as well.
    Writers? Probably need a few. Bet you can't run one for negligence.
  16. From Apr next year the Writer Branch no more but Logistics Personnel!!!

  17. No change there then-----------

    Problems ring the automated telephone helpline------and probably get a Bombay/Calcutta based call centre for a lively discussion :lol: :lol:
  18. Does the implementation of JPA mean that writers will fall back to the lower pay band now they do not actually have a job? Thought not.
  19. Only thing that's changed for me is the next time someone calls and asks how much leave they have, instead of "However much you had the last time you asked me that, minus however much you've had since then", I can now say "Fcuk off and look it up yourself."

    Writers are Higher Pay Band? Who do I whinge to for my back pay, then?
  20. The Writer Branch is no more from 31 Mar 2007. Writers become Logistic Personnel and the new Branch Badge is LPers. Welcome all the new lepers to the RN!!!!

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