Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BlueWhale89, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. Can anybody give me an in-depth explanation of the role? Thanks.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  3. Hi,

    I speak from the 1990s but I do not imagine much has changed, and if it has someone will be on to appraise us of it:-

    Two aspects to the role -
    Registry - dealing with correspondence in and out - filing according to classification (Secret/ Confidential etc) and circulation. Largely civiliianised ashore.
    UPO - Pay office - processing service documents for drafters/ new joiners to the ship. Leave , promotion/advancement recording on computer, noting service records, giving advice to all on entitlements, what needed to get advanced, specialist qualifications, travel warrants and expenses. Onboard dealing with foreign currency issues (at senior rate level usually).

    Technical Office - similar to Registry but for the ME and WE branch. (used to be as a Leading Writer).

    Duties at action stations - probably part of a Section Base doing damage control/ fire fighting/ first aider at AB level, Incident board marker or First Aider at Leading rate, Senior rate first aider or SCC incident board marker at PO level.
    You may be first aider in the sea boat at any Man overborad drill.
    Now in smaller manned ships probably Bosuns mate duties.
    Batman at Replenishment at sea.

    Promotion used to be quick, but I suspect is a lot slower now. On subs I would imagine pretty similar but they used to do planesman as well.

    A good branch if you enjoy admin and paperwork. Probably a team of two and a senior rate in a destroyer or frigate, many more on a carrier/ LPD. It used to be 60% shore to 40% sea but with more civvies it will be a lot more biased to seatime.

    Good luck if you are signing up as a shinypants.
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  4. The scribes is still a planesman on boats.
  5. My AFCO told me last year about the role and it was pretty much what paybobsquarepants says; so perhaps not much has changed since the 1990's in regards to the components of the job. Never served myself so cannot impart my wisdom, there is a fair bit online though and perhaps ask your CA as well. When I applied there was a fairly long wait as it is a small branch (perhaps getting smaller if interserve et al and their involvement in places like hms nelson is anything to go by? pure speculation), it might have dropped now though :)
  6. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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  7. Interserve did a 'project' around here, military personnel went from the majority to the absolute minority on base; they are currently working at several locations around the Solent so who knows innit. If a lot of it does get civilianised, where will they train Writers shoreside?
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  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Haha! POTW... :lol: :|
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  9. trying to look busy and pretending to do work then :D
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  10. You won't work afternoons because the UPO is always closed for "cough" catch up!

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  11. You forgot Cash Office, as for RAS, different ships different routines, I was distance line on Battleaxe, and on Glasgow, I got to hold the drum with the gun line in (oh what joy).

    Like you been quite some time since I did the job, and I dare say there has been a lot of changes, especially on the pay/cash side of things.
  12. Though a few years out now I really can't see much justification for the branch in the forseeable future.

    JPA administration could be watered down to an 'adqual' for a CIS(?) as it's 'do-it-yourself' computer stuff. So long as the DLO or whatever gets his or her finger out on JSOC (JLOC?) they should be able to provide advice on pay/admin issues, as should any worthwhile DO.

    Most other 'admin' these days is a personal or branch specific issue, the tenuous 'expertise' in secretarial type duties was always vastly exaggerated and in the days of computer literacy (as opposed to literacy) is no longer really relevant.

    The fascinating 'adjusted seniority' and 'badge problems' which so enthralled me at Pembroke are now even more meaningless than they were then - just a pointless game whilst others were making the ship move and fight or feeding people and maintaining equipment.

    Soon to overtake clubswingers as a 'why are they actually here?' branch.
  13. I thought it was somewhat of an evaporating trade after hearing from people I know currently serving and those Interserve people clawing in. Theres no other trades I fancy as I am shite with hands on mechanical things and complex maths, am no way near fit enough for Diver or ever will be, and can't be dealing with blood and puke although I used to enjoy being a dispenser in a pharmacy. I quite like the idea of chef despite the long hours in a hot kitchen and emptying slop; it doesn't fit in with what i ultimately want to do though and my cv is already random enough.

    In summary: damn you evolving Writers branch! Its alright out here though, I will regret not joining one day probably but I will be fairly rich in money and can buy myself happiness. Sure thats how it works :D

    My life story for anyone interested- eg) no one :p
  14. In addition, but I only know the submarine side... I believe that they still have very important firefighting roles too as "attack BA" when stood down (on watch) and full fearnought BA at emergency stations/action stations...if you manage to find one off watch the majority of their time used to be spent languishing in their carts!...however, as memory serves me, alot of their time was day-work...sorting out admin for the high and mighty

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