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Hopefully right place for first post
So my daughter leaves school next May and has her heart set on going in, she's been told at the moment it's a 6 month wait roughly
Is there many females on subs? She pretty thick skinned an can give as good as she gets lol
A buddie of mine who served said it wasn't a bad role to do
The numbers are increasing, BoB in. Women have only been able to serve on submarines for about the last 5 years, so the male/female ratio isn't like that of the surface fleet.

How far has she got with her application?


The boat I'm on is a Stag boat however I've seen an increasing amount of females on the other 2 commissioned A boats. Not many but still, they seem to stick together.

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Sounds good.

Two tips, apart from the fitness, which she is already doing, are:

1. Check out the RT, which is the entrance test she will need to do. Get some practice in including against the clock, because the time goes very quickly when you are actually answering the questions.

2. Pick up a copy of Navy News at somewhere like W H Smith, to get up to speed with deployments etc. It's also available online.

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