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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by FunkMaster, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    Haven't seen a thread directly about this role in the Submarine branch so I thought I'd start one.

    I am about to apply for the Royal Navy and I really like the look of the Writer Submariner role. I hear though writers do not spend much time at sea? Would this be the case for a Writer as part of the Submarine branch or is that just for the surface fleet?

    Also does anyone know if there is a long waiting list for this role at the moment?

    Many thanks in advance, any response will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Once you have been supplied with you waterproof pen you can go to sea
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  3. Haha alrighty then :cool:
  4. Submariners Do not use pens we use pencils, some think so we could rub out the evidence, not so we all honest, it was to stop it running when covered in water, chilled water salt water or diesel etc. We had one trainee officer who complained to the Jimmy that when he was chilled water drenched on the long ladder all his note ran, Jimmy said you are training to be a submariner, use pencil and start again?
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  5. Hi buddy I just did my interview this morning all good for writer. I was then rung up by the PO to say the waiting list is four months and basically get my skates on ! Maybe see you on board one day !
  6. When you get a sea draft you will be "Black Watch" lots of patrol reports to type up. Good excuse for avoiding work and scrubbing out, locking your self in the office and typing patrol reports ;)
  7. When being the word ! scrubbing out? They have an office? Typing? What is going on here !! Afco said nothing of that ! What is scrubbing out?
  8. Scrubbing out = bucket of water and a scotchbrite, scrub the decks etc
    Office = broom cupboard with a PC in it (and a Cox'n)
    Typing = see above

    And when your not doing that your planesman :)
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  9. Wrecks planesman first priority, then the day job, cannot see him calling for a relief on the planes as he has a letter to right? Also he could be first aid party for off watch action, and action planes on watch, if he is any good as a driver? Then he can do writing and scrubbing out? Submariners have many roles beyond day job.
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  10. Not just submariners these days Sumo.
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  11. Broom Closet is not what I would call it, a broom closet has some space in it
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  12. Also depends on size of coxswain, how much space is left for writer?
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  13. Ahahahah they are NOT going to let me steer it i get too distracted lol
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you try steering with the planes everyone else will get distracted!
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  15. Having a preference for not smelling, I was never a sundodger, but an was given a tour of a boat be a fellow scribes (S boat if memory serves), the 'ships office' as he called it was a little cubby, you backed in, sat down the swung your legs in under the 'desk' and for a little bit of privacy you had a curtain as a door - and the curtain was only there so he could have a little bit of light when he was working on his day job. It made the ships offices of the Battleaxe and Glasgow look positively Luxurious
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  16. Quite right but even so up and down I will be shit I thought the job was pay bit of welfare and frankly **** all !
  17. We had a very very shite planesman, what you doing 50feet of depth, coming back from 100feet, his next boat he was action planes, we always had action when he was driving?
  18. I was told by afco last week she used to be writer u spend ur day working as the captains pa and meeting crew dealing pay and welfare ... Sound like that was utter sh!te and now I'm screwed ?
  19. You said she, was she a submariner?
  20. Not complete shoit but not true of a submarine writer as they have additional duties.
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