Write a novel of some sort?

Has anyone here ever been on an operation? and if so did you ever think about writing a book about your experiences?

Or if your thinking of joining or in training do you think you would ever write a book about your experiences?

Personally i dont think i could write 2 pages without getting bored, i like telling stories so certain individuals, its my experience, why would i want the world to know about it?

Anyways, im proberbly just been mardy, gimme your views :tp:
I'm bidding for the rights to write the definitive biography of SAS* wunderkind Pte Golden VC MC, who is the most talked about pongo on AARSE.

Makes Nozzer (right in the piccy ;) ) look a bloody amateur ;) :lol:

PS: Who is Sir Jackson? :confused:

*Scandinavian Air Lines
StixJimboRM said:
You notice how the stamp date and letter date are a month apart, lol.

And would an officer really write "you was one of five recruites that got almost top marks" or "you will be asked to take your stuff and kit to 2 paras barracks"

waaaaahhhhh, what a wnaker!!!!
I hadn't noticed actually.... but then I'm not SAS trained! ;)

As for the spelling, well perhaps Sir Jackson is the name of the typist aka Mrs Sir Jackson. Sir's a strange first name though :roll:

I'm wondering re the names on the bottom of the letter if they have the following first names...

Sir MIKE Jackson
Capt REAL McCoy
Maj VAN Winkle
Sgt "BRICK" Woodhouse
Cpl LOAN Sharky
Cpl EVELYN Crabtree
Pte Golden was born in Heros Mansions (aka Colchester housing estate) on 30 February 1987 to Mrs Sandra Jackson DSS* and her 15 year old boyfriend L/Cpl Kevin Smith MC. Once Kev found Sandra was preggers he legged it to avoid prosecution for underage drinking and Sandra was left to raise Mike (known as Sir Mike to his oppos at school) on her own. It was hard being a 14 year old mum, but she struggled through and produced the fine speciman of muscular manhood that is Private Golden (Golden by deedpoll). In 2005 Sir Mike wrote to his mate Sir Jackson who invited Mike to join the SAS. Three weeks later Golden passed the course with flying colours and was invited by Sir Jackson to become his Batsman.....

[Contributions to this story... oops I mean biography, are welcome by all RRers with a highly creative imagination...]

*Now DWP
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