Wristbands in aid of the Poppy Appeal

Discussion in 'Charity' started by BusterQuin, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Show your support for the RBL Poppy Appeal by wearing a wristband
    These are an initiative by the RBL Riders Branch to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal in a different way. Sales of these last year at bike shows and various contributed to a total of £20000 raised for the Poppy Appeal
    All profits will go to the Poppy Appeal this is not a private seller profiteering.
    Please mention rumration when ordering so the branch can gauge response
    Many thanks for reading this

  2. BZ Bikers! The RBL turned down the idea of wristbands during the initial craze for wearing them, not wanting to dilute the message and impact of the poppy its self. Probably the most recognised and powerful of all charity symbols. (At least that is what Mrs DI said when I sugested them.) It was great to see Charlie Boorman wearing a Help For Heros one through out his latest tv series. Lets hope yours get as much exposure. I'll be getting a few myself of course.
  3. I just ordered one!

    Edited to add: I have posted a thread over on rearparty, in hopes this will help. I have also asked member sto mention that they came via RP (just for info)
  4. I've just ordered two one for me and one for the OH.

    I will wear with with my H4H wristband
  5. Thanks for the kind words and support
    Celebrity wearers include Charley Boorman and Si and Dave aka 'The Hairy Bikers' these have been visible on their recent TV appearances
  6. Buster, as you know, my wristband is on 24/7 along with my Help for Heroes one.
  7. Bought one, cheers for the link.
    I had a look at the H4H bands on their website but they wanted £4 for P&P!
  8. I have just bought two, but I didn't have a place to tell them I was from here :(

    Sorry Buster, Hig and Andy put me off by skyping me at the same time

    J xx
  9. I think this is the cheapest one on Ebay, unfortunately it seems H4H is more about making the money now......... :cry:
  10. Perhaps that sounded it bit bad. I don't mind donating a few quid, but £6 for a bracelet is a bit too much for me at the moment - perhaps not when I (hopefully!) join up but it is now!
  11. I think a better way for me to show my support would to do a sponsored run or similar. The idea has only just popped into my head so I haven't thought it through, but a question to those who are or have been in the forces. Would the money raised be better used by the RBL, H4H or another charity?

  12. Any money raised for HM Forces charities are worth raising money for doesn't matter if it's H4H or RBL or anything else to be honest.
  13. Good answer. I'll rephrase the question.
    Which of the charities do the most for those serving or having served?
  14. Depends on the individuals needs for support from the charity.

    Each charity provides different support. I wouldn't go to H4H if I needed the support the RBL provides like homelessness, business support etc etc. H4H deals with other aspects.
  15. Why not do it for both RLB and H4H, all monies raised to be split 50/50.
  16. That would be the best solution. I will start my own thread as soon as I some information on the date and activity! And ask for all your monies! ;)
  17. Just ordered one. I will wear it with with my H4H wristband. Does it matter that I only ride a mountain bike (at the moment)?

    I also got my H4H wristband from eBay after my last snapped. I also could not justify the postage. Don't mind paying £3.95 postage for a rugby shirt, however for a band its a bit steep.
  18. A new group on facebook; Royal British Legion (RBL) - Wrist Bands
  19. Bought and thanx for the link Buster
  20. Have ordered 5 of them for our little group in St Budeaux Workies { the Oasis Detachment } , thanks for the link Mate :salute:

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