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Hello everyone, was just wondering if you were allowed to have a running watch at Raleigh. One that doubles as a normal one. Don't have a kit list yet so sorry if it states on there. Just been thinking of getting one.

Is this a serious post? You're just about to join the armed forces, use an element of common sense!

Yes take a normal everyday watch, and don't walk into the gates looking like this guy......



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Strictly Brietling if you are likely to be Aircrew, Rolex Submariners for the "deeps" and anyone else either the ubiquitous G-Shock with millions of multi-functions or for the dressier look, a James Bond Omega are the absolute minimum. Military issue G10s are the preserve of Jack Dusties only.

I bit....
My timepiece of choice, bought in Yuma, Arizona on Det Dec 06

US Navy Blue Angels Eco Drive. Shop price was $500. Got Military discount, also in the sale and the shop was closing down, a bargain at $230

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I've got a £30 timex, blackface, white hands (there's a joke in there somewhere!) and backlight.

Tells the time and if/when I break/lose it, who cares, just buy another.

Knackered too many timepieces at sea to get the horn about having the right brand or it looking good.

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