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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by parabuds, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. Hello everyone, was just wondering if you were allowed to have a running watch at Raleigh. One that doubles as a normal one. Don't have a kit list yet so sorry if it states on there. Just been thinking of getting one.

  2. Should I?Shouldn't ? can I resist it?
    I must resist it.
    Ninja do you realise how difficult it is to control my input?:(
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  3. Is this a serious post? You're just about to join the armed forces, use an element of common sense!

    Yes take a normal everyday watch, and don't walk into the gates looking like this guy......

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  4. Why not? Looks like a good run ashore
  5. Well you could get away with it in Plymouth
  6. How dare you insult sir mix a lot

    He is a dit rustler though
  7. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Strictly Brietling if you are likely to be Aircrew, Rolex Submariners for the "deeps" and anyone else either the ubiquitous G-Shock with millions of multi-functions or for the dressier look, a James Bond Omega are the absolute minimum. Military issue G10s are the preserve of Jack Dusties only.

    I bit....
  8. Time Pieces are old hat in Britains modern navy .GPS phones are the fashion accessory of todays Jack & Jackass
  9. Yeah the Middle or long morning </boom>
  10. On a serious note I've got a tag heuer for sale :)

    Also you can wear a watch but during timed exercises the club swingers don't like it
  11. My timepiece of choice, bought in Yuma, Arizona on Det Dec 06

    US Navy Blue Angels Eco Drive. Shop price was $500. Got Military discount, also in the sale and the shop was closing down, a bargain at $230

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  12. You got a licence to drive that?
  13. The manual comes on a CD, I dread the clocks changing!!!

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  14. It's giving me a headache just looking at a photo.
  15. I do hope that you put your request form in for permission to wear that.
    Now how long did the SAMCO take to complete?:D
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  16. OJT, and I'm still on it!

    You can work out fuel loads and all sorts of aviation based bollocks!

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  17. If you have it set right, its not a problems, changes the time for you :)

    I have the Skyhawk version, same face, but black enamelled metalwork and no yellow lugs on the bezel
  18. I've messed about with it so much over the years I think I need to start again!

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  19. Kinell it runs on avgas:)
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  20. I've got a £30 timex, blackface, white hands (there's a joke in there somewhere!) and backlight.

    Tells the time and if/when I break/lose it, who cares, just buy another.

    Knackered too many timepieces at sea to get the horn about having the right brand or it looking good.

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